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Where to Find Great Stock Images for Your Website

When you’re a coach and you are your brand, it’s hard to not make you the center of your brand. But in reality, your ideal client (and how you help them) should be your main focus… and your website needs to clearly reflect.

Stock images are a great way to visually communicate with your audience.

So while professional headshots are vital for a coach’s website, stock photos can be just as important.

I just recently finished reading Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller and he hits the nail on the head:

“Words make up the majority of your messaging, but not all of it. The images we use on our websites also communicate something.”

So while your copy needs to be clear and to the point, your images need to communicate your message just as clearly.

But before you begin your search for the perfect stock photos – you’ll want to ask yourself:

  1. What does my ideal client look like?
  2. How does my ideal client want to feel?
  3. What services do I provide?

With those three questions in mind, you can begin the search for the perfect stock photos to support your brand.

And nowadays there’s no shortage of options. With so many options it can be a little hard to know where to start, so today I’m sharing the exact sites I frequent when on the hunt for the perfect stock photos for my website design clients.

Check out some of my favorite places to find stock photos (that don’t feel stock):

*I am an affiliate for Creative Market which means I get a small financial reward if you purchase anything via the link above. However, I would highly recommend Creative Market even if I didn’t get a small kickback.

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