How to Change the Image Facebook Displays Next to Your Shared Link

Have you ever shared a link from your website on Facebook… only to find a random (or non-existing) image attached to your link? This is super common when you’re making changes to your website or your website is brand new.

Facebook doesn’t always know to pull the new image from your website.

However, they have a simple tool you can use to seek out the correct image you’d like shared alongside your link.

Before you can request Facebook to use a different image, you’ll want to make sure to double-check some things under your WordPress dashboard.

Step One: Update the Featured Image attached to the post or page.

Follow the below steps to update the image on your site:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site
  2. Open the Page or Post
  3. Click Document on the top right
  4. Click Featured Image and Set Featured Image
  5. Either upload a new image or select a pre-existing from your media library

Step Two: Tell Facebook there is a new image to use.

Follow the below steps to let Facebook know there is a new image for the link shared.

  1. Click here to access Facebook’s Sharing Debugger tool.
  2. Enter the URL web address for the page or post you need them to check for images
  3. Click the Debug button
  4. Once it loads if the Link Preview is incorrect, click the Scrape Again button
  5. Once clicked, the Link Preview should now display the new Featured Image


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