Uncover 5 Website Essentials for Interior Designers


Stand out with these website essentials for interior designers. Learn the essentials for landing dream design projects, showcasing your aesthetic, nurturing trusting client relationships, and standing out in a crowded market. 

As a brand and website designer for interior designers, I help interior design firms and home professionals take their businesses to the next level. Since 2016, I’ve created nearly a hundred websites, and to me, success is when your digital presence elevates your business and supports your lifestyle. 

Today, I’m sharing 5 website essentials for doing just that.

Without all 5 of the elements I’m sharing with you today, a website can fall flat, leave money on the table, or in some cases, repel instead of attract. 

Use the following list of essentials to easily assess your own website and see if it’s working as hard as it could be for you.

1. Strategic Flow

The flow of a successful website is like the flow of a home: each page has a unique purpose and contributes to a seamless overall experience. These culminate in smart calls to action that nurture prospects to clients.

Start by considering the goal of your website and then get specific. Your main goal might be to book larger projects with more ideal clients. With that in mind, consider the action you want your website visitors to take prior to inquiring about your services. For example, you could invite prospective clients to book a discovery call. Or maybe you want them to download an investment or services guide.

Whatever the goal, a website should clearly guide visitors to take action.

2. A Sense of Ease

Remember that prospects will associate their experience with your brand and website as equal to their future experience with you. Make it a reflection of your values and style, but above all, make it simple and effortless to use.

Along with the flow of your website, ease of use should be a top priority. Make it easy for prospective clients to inquire about working with you. Clearly outline your services and the first steps they should take.

3. Elevated Branding

Branding elevates your business and services in the eyes of your dream clients. Just like you would design a home to feel unified, a cohesive brand design (logo, font, color palette) builds trust, comfort, and connection.

The branding on your website should be cohesive and consistent. It should accurately reflect you, your business, and your services. Simultaneously it should support the goals of your website without distracting visitors.

4. Polished Photography

Your website will need professional photos of both you and your projects. This is how you attract clients who fit your personality and are enjoyable to work with. With some design projects lasting a year or more, this is important!

Similar to your branding, ensure your photography is cohesive and consistent with the vibe of your website. And don’t be afraid to be selective. While you might have 200 photos from your last project, they don’t all need to be on your interior design portfolio. Choose the best of the best that helps tell the story of the project and lead potential clients to take action.

5. Concise Copy

Concise, intentional website copy (ie the words on your website) is how visitors turn into inquiries and inquiries become happy clients. Your copy must speak directly to your audience, feel relatable, and offer clear direction on how to work with you.

Consider investing in a professional copywriter as step one in your rebranding process. Their gift will ensure your website isn’t just a pretty face. The right copywriter will effortlessly capture your voice and help convert website visitors into loyal customers.

Need support crafting an interior design website with all the essentials?

If you’re ready for a website that helps take your business to the next level (and makes it easy), I’d love to chat. Together, we can combine all 5 of these essentials into a website with impact, one that is beautifully polished and designed to fully support you. Click here to book a no-obligation chat.

About Katie O'Brien

About Katie O'Brien

As a seasoned brand and website designer, Katie O'Brien brings simplicity to business growth and peace of mind to daily life. She specializes in clean and simple websites, working closely with interior designers to elevate their digital presence with poise and personality.

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