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In today's cluttered world, your website needs to stay simple.

But right now your website feels anything but simple.

Between the frustrations behind the scenes and the outdated design, you're craving a healthy dose of simplicity to upgrade your brand. Not to mention a strategic new site flow and unforgettable design.

You're in the right place. I can help you with all of the above.

I'm Katie O'Brien. As a Certified Professional Coach turned Web Designer I strategically design and build WordPress websites just for coaches.

Working together, you'll dream and I'll design. You'll envision and I'll build.

From start to finish, I've simplified the entire process.

Take my hand and let's dive into this together.

Phase 1:
Dreams + Strategy

Phase one is all about clarity, both visually and strategically. Between the kick-off questionnaire, shared Pinterest board for visual inspiration and a strategic kick-off call, this is the phase where you get to brain dump all your ideas (+ I get to strategically place them together).

Phase 2: Logo Design + Brand Visuals

Armed with the prep work from phase one, this phase is where your new logo and brand visuals come to life. At the completion of this phase, you’ll receive a beautiful brand board for reference along with all finalized files to immediately begin using your new logo.

Phase 3: Web Design

Phase 3 is where we enter the world of web design. Beginning your Home page, we'll begin to tie in the brand visuals to your website design strategy and see everything come together.

Phase 4: Web Design + Development

Here we're in the home stretch! After the previous phases have been signed off on, I'll design and develop your working staging site. You'll receive a private link to play and explore your new site at your convenience prior to submitting your feedback and I finalize the site design and development.

Phase 5: LAUNCH + Follow-up Support

This is the day + phase you've worked so hard for! On your scheduled start date, I'll move the staging site over to your live domain and test, test, test! Once it's ready for you, you'll receive your launch packet with training tutorials on how to access and update your new site. Plus, you'll also have access to me during your post-launch support window.

If you need continued support after the initial support window, I've got you covered there, too, with customized options to fit your needs (+ budget).

Think we'd be a dream team?


We're ARE a dream team if:

  • You don't have the TIME (or desire) to DIY.
  • You're a service-based business, i.e. coach, consultant, speaker.
  • You're a professional who is ready to trust another professional to do what they do best.
You're a fan of white space... ahhh sweet sweet space.


We ARE NOT a dream team if:

  • You want to learn how to build your own website.
You don't really have an established business.
You're not clear on your business' ideal client just yet.
  • You really love the eclectic-cluttered look and simplicity gives you eery chills.

Ready to dive in?

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