I get it. Your plate is full.

Your plate is full of your favorite things. But websites... websites are not one of those things. In fact, your current website = frustration (and maybe even a tiny bit of shame), doesn't it?

You're over there getting deep with your clients and growing your business. But in the meantime your website has kinda taken a back seat, hasn't it?

Katie O'Brien, Web Designer for Coaches

Hi. I'm Katie O'Brien and I'm here to build you a simple + chic, frustration-free WordPress website so you can continue to love on and grow your business.

You're here because you're ready to hook up with a pro.

And you're finally ready to trade in your intro-level website for one that finally represents the change you're making in this world!

"I'm so happy with how everything turned out. I get a big smile on my face every time I open my site - it feels like a burst of good vibes!"

Stacy Dorius, Energy Coach

Let me take your hand and let's dive in together.

Working together, you'll dream and I'll design. You'll envision and I'll build.

From start to finish, I've simplified the entire process to make up-leveling your brand and getting a classy new website fun and exciting, without any overwhelm or complication.

"I loved that Katie had a background and experience in coaching, as I felt like she easily understood specific needs of my business."

Karen Powell, Creativity Coach
Karen Powell, Creativity Coach

Think we'd be a dream team?

We're ARE a dream team if:

  • You don't have the TIME (or desire) to DIY.
  • You're a service-based business, i.e. coach, consultant, speaker.
  • You're ready to trust a pro to do what they do best, allowing you time and space to do what you do best.
  • You crave simplicity in your life and business.
You're a fan of white space... ahhh sweet sweet space.

We ARE NOT a dream team if:

  • You want to learn how to build your own website.
You don't really have an established business yet.
You're not real clear on your business' ideal client just yet.
  • You really love the eclectic-cluttered look and simplicity gives you eery chills.

"Katie embodies the meaning of simple, chic, and frustration free web design. Working with Katie felt like a true collaboration."

Jane Winné, Energy Coach
Jane Winne, Paradigm Coach

Ready for a drool-worthy site of your own?

"Katie has a clean and simple design style. I love that the website is so different than the others in my industry. It's simple but with a personality."

Kelli Douglas, Meditation Teacher

Got some Qs?

Do you use WordPress.org?

Yes! All sites are built on WordPress.org. If you're currently on another platform such as WordPress.com or Wix or SquareSpace, I can easily transfer your domain and new site over to WordPress.org upon launching.

Do you use a particular theme or template?

All of the sites I build are custom built. That means I start with a blank slate for each new design.

I do use the Beaver Builder child theme that acts as a framework for me to build your site on within WordPress.

I then pair each theme with the Beaver Builder plugin that will grant your site drag and drop abilities that will simplify how you can edit and update your site in the future.

How long will it take?

The average web design project takes 6-8 weeks from start to launch. If you add branding and logo design it typically adds an additional 2-4 weeks on top of that.

How much will it cost?

Web design projects typically average between $3,500-$4,500. Web design projects that include branding and logo design services average around $5,500-$6,500.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Depending on the services you need and the cost of your project, your project total will be broken up to 3 or 4 payments that will be due as follows:

Typical Web Design + Branding Payment Schedule:

  • 20% is due up front to secure a spot my calendar
  • 20% is due immediately following the delivery of your brand board and logo
  • 30% is due immediately following the delivery of the first design mockup of your Home page is delivered, and,
  • 30% (the final payment) is due prior to launch

Typical Web Design Only Payment Schedule:

  • 30% is due up front to secure a spot my calendar
  • 30% is due immediately following the delivery of the first design mockup of your Home page is delivered, and,
  • 40% (the final payment) is due prior to launch


What do I need BEFORE working with you?

I recommend we chat before getting anything together for your new site, click here and book a time to chat.

After our chat I'll get a better understanding of your goals can better advise you on what you'll need to provide. In most cases, I'll need at least copy and images for each page.

Do you offer on-going support after launching?

Yes! You'll get a free window of email support after we launch. Then after that window closes I'll be available for a la carte support projects, monthly retainer support for ongoing needs or virtual power hours for 1:1 trainings or strategy.