Web Design for Executive Coach + Leadership Development Expert, Harriette Schumacher

A Peek Behind the Launch

Web Design for Executive Coach + Leadership Development Expert, Harriette Schumacher

Her Story

Harriette is a strategic thinker, who approaches today’s most pressing business challenges with curiosity, optimism, and practicality. As a Certified Executive Coach, and Leadership Development Expert, her expertise and approachability make her a trusted advisor to clients and colleagues.

As CEO of Big Leap Leadership Inc, Harriette brings a wealth of experience from working with diverse organizations, including companies, across various industries including healthcare, financial services, professional services, utilities, construction, retail, and government.

Harriette came to me looking to simplify her content on her existing personal brand website. Not only simplify the content but grant her an updated design that matched her ‘professional, with a twist’ leadership style. Harriette already had a website for her executive coaching and leadership training business but wanted something that conveyed her personal brand.

Harriette wanted her visitors to feel inspired, welcomed, motivated and ready to take action whether that would be to reach out to her directly or visit her company's website. We positioned her as the expert and invited them to reach out for more information in more ways than one.

From her logo design to color palette to typography all the way through to the overall website design we were focused on keeping it classic, commanding and rare.

Project deliverables included: identity design (logo, branded typography + new color palette)fully responsive WordPress website design + development, PDF design for professional bio.


“My old website didn’t feel authentic, plus, I recognized how far I had come but that website just wasn’t capturing me.

Now I feel I can own this space and be happy to share it with others. I’m proud of my new website.

I most enjoyed Katie’s organization and the simplicity of her processes. I would absolutely recommend her to others. I loved every minute of working together.”


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