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How to Automatically Update Your Footer’s Copyright Year

There is some footer text that’s pretty standard. Most websites have some combination of: Year © Business Name

You might also link out to a privacy policy, cookie policy, terms + conditions of use, credit your photographer, your designer, and link your social media profiles. But all of those links will remain the same year after year.

BUT that pesky little year should be updated first thing January 1.

Nothing says outdated business like having a previous year listed in your footer.

You always want your site to appear (and be) current at all times.

Now this certainly can be done manually, but going into your footer settings and updating it with the new year each January… but we’re all about simplicity here.

Today I want to share a quick shortcut with you so you won’t ever have to go in and make this update again.

Side note: this will work for all of my previous web design clients and you IF you’re also using the Beaver Builder theme.


To edit your footer’s copyright year, simply paste the following shortcode in place of the year: [ fl_year ]

**(be sure to remove the spaces between the [ ] after pasting it on your site)

That’s it! So any time you type [ fl_year ] (with no spaces) on your site, it will always update to 2019, the current year.

Want more details on adding the year throughout your site with a shortcode? Check out this article from the Beaver Builder’s Knowledge Base.

Not quite sure how to get to your footer to edit the text?

If you’re using the Beaver Builder theme you’ll likely have two options to edit your footer.

Option 1: Beaver Builder’s Theme Customizer

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Appearance
  • Click Customize
  • Click Footer
  • Click Footer Layout
  • Edit text accordingly

Option 2: Beaver Themer’s Layouts

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Beaver Builder > Themer Layouts
  • Click Footer template
  • Click Launch Beaver Builder button
  • Edit text accordingly
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