How to backup your WordPress website with the UpdraftPlus Plugin.

The Simplest Way to Backup Your WordPress Website

You always want to make sure you have a recent backup of your WordPress website to prepare for the unthinkable. You never want to have the stress of losing a website or having it malfunction and not knowing if you’ll ever be able to get your precious baby back.

Staying up to date with your backups, will give you the peace of mind you need.

After trying many different methods and plugins, I happily settled with UpdraftPlus.

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I also set all of my clients up with their very own UpdraftPlus plugin when building their websites. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use the plugin to backup your site:

  1. Install the UpdraftPlus plugin + activate
  2. Go to Settings — UpdraftPlus Backups
  3. Click the Premiums/Extensions tab and enter your login credentials
  4. Click the Settings tab and set a desired schedule
  5. Link to remote storage location
  6. Click Current Status tab and run first backup
  7. And you’re good to go!

Simple best practices to remember when backing up your WordPress website:

  • After any major changes to your website, run a new backup.
  • Store backup files in a remote location, where you can access them if your site and/or host goes down.
  • Schedule backups to run automatically to eliminate the possibility of forgetting.
  • Check-in on your scheduled backups every once in a while to make sure they’re running as they should.

Click Here to Get UpdraftPlus Today

How to Backup your WordPress Website, Video Tutorial

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