Real words from real clients. From our initial chat to their launch day and beyond, my clients are sharing their experience on what it was like to work together on their brand and website design.

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Web Design Testimonial - Jennifer Nash

Dr. Jennifer Nash

Executive Coach & Consultant

"The site gives me credibility, reflects my personality and helps potential clients get a sense of who I am and how I can help them.

I am SO excited for people to see and experience my beautiful new website.

Since the website launched, my LinkedIn followers have increased, my inbound leads have increased, and am on track to earn more revenue this year than the last two years combined.

From our first interaction, I knew Katie was polished, experienced, professional, and would approach my project in the same way.

I felt she understood my vision for the website and would be a great partner to help me achieve how I wanted to be present in the world through a visual medium.

I love Katie’s positive energy, willingness to brainstorm with me, her big smile, and the clean, fresh, strategic, and streamlined design of her website.

It was a great experience working with Katie and I'm so glad I happened upon her site with my Google search that one evening!"

Testimonial Website Design for Coach Consultant, Krista

Krista Spence

Executive Coach

"Katie understands the business of coaching so I knew she would speak my language.

I made the investment so I could focus on other aspects of my business while the expert was building my site. I chose to go with Katie because she understands the business of coaching so I knew she would speak my language. She also came strongly recommended by another coach that I admire.

The process of building the website helped me to gain clarity about my ideal client, how to tell my story, and identify my brand. The experience was much more than just building a website.

The project helped me to think strategically about my business, my brand, my marketing, and my ideal client.

I felt totally comfortable being myself and expressing my thoughts and feelings as we worked together.

The end product is beautiful. The process was clear. Katie was very responsive to each question I had. Her turnaround time is fantastic. She always came in on time or ahead of schedule with each of the deliverables. Katie is extremely reliable, dependable, professional, and supportive."

Testimonial Image_Jill Griffin

Jill Griffin

Mindful Career Coach

"Working with Katie has been tremendously helpful in scaling my business.

I was finding it challenging to represent my offerings in a user-friendly and straightforward manner, and Katie was really instrumental in bringing my vision to life.

Throughout the entire process, she listened, asked insightful questions, and she made sure to design both a functional and unique website.

Katie helped me create my brand vision and identity with her keen sense of design. She is solution orientated and is an excellent teacher.

I really appreciate that she took the time to ensure I understood all aspects of the technology she deployed on my behalf. She has many tools that make the entire process seamless, organized, and efficient.

She was an absolute joy to work on this project. I give Katie my highest recommendation."

Web Design Testimonial - Karen and Curtis Herbert

Karen + Curtis Herbert

Certified Professional Coaches &
Founders of Themelios Coaching

"Katie was very knowledgeable, organized, and created a thoughtful design that reflected our business and brand.

We chose to go with Katie because we liked her design approach, she seemed very familiar with how the website would interact with our other business platforms, had worked with those other platforms, and had the experience of working with coaches.

Katie easily answered all of our questions.

We were waiting to fully launch the business until we had a completed website, so we were able to put all the interlocking pieces in place and feel confident in our professional appearance online.

We have no hesitation in referring people to our site and we know they will have a good experience.

Communication was timely and relevant, she held us to achievable deadlines, and we have a site we are confident we can maintain. Within the great structure, she was also flexible in responding to our particular needs and timelines.

We were very happy with both the experience of working with Katie and with the outcome.”

Web Design Testimonial - Lisa Christiansen

Lisa Christiansen, PCC, CPC

Executive Coach

"Her creativity and expertise were the keys to making my website successful.

As soon as I landed on Katie’s website and saw her portfolio, I knew she was the designer for me.

This whole process felt so overwhelming at first since it was all new to me. I wasn’t sure where to start or what I needed. But Katie’s guidance and professional recommendations from copywriting to legal to more made things so much simpler. She’s a one-stop-shop!

I’m so pleased with my new website. It’s beautiful! It’s so warm, inviting, and polished. I’m really proud of it!

I appreciated Katie’s creativity, professionalism, and organization. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Her creativity and expertise were the keys to making my website successful."

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elegant web design for nutritionist Elaine Brisebois

Elaine Brisebois

Health Coach + Certified Nutritionist

"No more website shame – and people are sticking around longer.

After we chatted on the complimentary call - I didn't have any hesitations hiring Katie. I felt we connected and that she understood the vision I had for my site. I was confident it was a fit from the start.

I don't have website shame anymore. I'm more than happy to drive traffic to my site. Overall it's a much nicer experience for the end-user and people are sticking around longer.

I loved how organized and professional Katie was. She managed the entire project from start to finish - I just had to hit the deadlines that she set up.

I also really liked the check-in calls that allowed for feedback along the way. I always felt comfortable sharing my feedback with her, and ultimately I always felt we were on the same page when I left those calls.

I felt the whole experience was seamless from beginning to end.

I wish I had hired Katie sooner. I'm so happy to have worked with her and look forward to working with her again!"

Web Design Testimonial - Harriette Schumacher

Harriette Schumacher

Executive Coach + Leadership Expert

“I need more women like her in my corner.

I will NEVER choose {to work with} anyone else again. Working with Katie is a dream, she gets me and her design is so visually stunning - over and over again. I also trust her to give me great advice.

Since hiring Katie, I've gained more clarity in my business. I know how to discern quality web support from non - and it's easy to waste a lot of money there. My brand has become more recognized... it stands out in the pack.

I really liked how easy it is working with Katie. It feels so efficient and inflow. And I LOVE that she challenged me this time around. I need more women like her in my corner."

Web Design Testimonial - Joseph Michelli

Joseph Michelli, PH.D.

Best-Selling Author, Speaker + Business Consultant

"We are thrilled with the website Katie designed for us.

Our website felt dated and stale. It was custom coded website and were frustrated we had to contact the developer for every little change.

We are thrilled with the website Katie designed for us. The site conveys our business message clearly and is professional looking as well as user-friendly.

Katie is extremely easy to work with. She listened to our needs, offered her professional insights, and project managed the site so that everything ran smoothly. Katie brings her creative vision to the table plus strong attention to detail so we knew we were in good hands. Any question or concern that came up Katie addressed quickly and efficiently. We could not be more pleased with the results.

Redesigning a website requires a gifted partner and it can be a daunting task, but Katie kept us feeling like everything was under control. Her reassurance, professionalism, and easy-going communication style let us know that we were well taken care of."

Web Design Testimonial - Ingrid Porter

Ingrid Porter

Interior Designer

"My branding is now “me” and this gives me the confidence to get my name out there for business.

I was slightly hesitant to do business with someone online as I had been burned the year before… but after I read through Katie’s testimonials and spoke to her via Zoom, I knew she was the right person for the job. And I was right, she did an amazing job keeping me on track and the end-product was more than I had hoped for.

I really liked how organized Katie was. She listened to my needs, kept me on track in a timely way and guided me through the process. I felt supported.

I’m excited to see where my business can go from here.

Working with Katie was fun, creative and I felt supported throughout the entire time we worked together. I will hire Katie again to help me with my strategy.

I recommend Katie to everyone who needs branding and web design, she is a real pro."

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Web Design Testimonial - Trish Bates-Doolin

Trish Bates-Doolin, ACC, CPC

Healthcare Executive + Certified Professional Coach

"The process was really smooth and straightforward.

I chose to work with you because I really liked the work you did with my friend Lisa Christensen's website. I thought it really captured her personality and her coaching style. After speaking with you on our informational first call, I further felt you had a good system in place and would be a good fit for me to work with.

I had never developed a website for my own business before. I was concerned that it would be onerous and a ton of work on my part. I was also not clear on my niche and unsure [what it] should look like.

I liked the process. It was great to start with a logo design and the ideal client profile. That helped me begin to see themes and get a sense of what the site and my messages would look like.

I definitely would recommend your services!  I really liked the Asana system to keep deadlines on track and to share materials. You were incredibly patient with me and very flexible.

It was a great experience working with you and I would highly recommend your service to anyone!"

Web Design Testimonial - Astrid Teigaas

Astrid Teigaas

Executive Coach

"It feels amazing to have a website that finally represents the real me.

I was at a point in my business where I was ready to invest more in my business. I procrastinated over my website for so long... but I finally decided I needed to stop trying to do everything myself.

Katie was very organized and quick with her responses. I loved that I could hop on a call with her whenever I needed it and that she always explained tech issues so simply.

It was lovely to work with Katie."

Web Design Testimonial - Betty Kempa



“Katie was super organized, patient and always solution-oriented.

I did my research before hiring Katie. The fact she was iPEC alumni and other coaches recommended her was solid for me.  And mostly I loved her own personal website - it looked clean and modern, exactly the way I wanted mine to look.

Katie was super organized, patient and always solution-oriented. She took feedback very well and altered accordingly to meet my needs. I appreciated her suggestions and guidance, as I did look to her as an expert. I look forward to using her video tutorials to guide me as I update my site on my own as I go forward from here.

This site launch makes me feel awesome, excited… armed and dangerous! Thank you so much!!!”

Web Design Testimonial - Kine Fischler



"I have worked with Katie in the past and have always been happy with the communication throughout the process as well as the results.

I really like being able to delegate website tasks without hesitation. I know how to do some of the tasks but do not have the time to make sure I am doing them correctly, nor the focus.

I am always confident that things will be done correctly without any extra surprises.”

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Web Design Testimonial - Stacy Dorius

Stacy Dorius

Energy Coach

"Katie has a warm, inviting professionalism that comes packaged with the expertise to create a make-me-shine website.

From start to finish I felt heard, understood and supported.

Creating a website can be daunting for a business owner. Katie helped me see the big picture while keeping on track with all the details by using Asana. It made me feel like she was holding my hand during each step with easy, open, clear communication.

I'm so happy with how everything turned out. I get a big smile on my face every time I open my site - it feels like a burst of good vibes!"

Web Design Testimonial - Karen Powell

Karen Powell

Prosperity + Creativity Coach

"Katie is a joy to work with.

I had specific ideas of how I wanted my website to look and feel, but I didn’t want to spend the time learning how to do it myself.

When I first considered working with Katie I had a couple of hesitations initially: a feeling that the price was a little high, and not sure if our 7-hour time zone difference would cause problems or create stress. But these two concerns were overcome as I’m thrilled with my website design, and the time zone difference was hardly noticeable.

I feel very happy, relieved and confident about my website. I'm getting really positive feedback from my clients and community about it, and their comments confirm that my site reflects me, my business and my personality.

Katie is a joy to work with. She's smart, dependable, clear, professional, very efficient and organized, patient, knows what she's doing, has an eye for design and functionality, and is just a lovely person! I also loved that she has a background and experience in coaching, as I felt like she easily understood the specific needs of my business."

Web Design Testimonial - Sally Griswold

Sally Griswold

Co-founder of Iron Orchid Designs

"The process was smooth, clear and seamless.

Katie clearly knows how to walk her clients through this process in a way that you always feel confident she knows what she's doing. I knew our website needed an overhaul to harmonize with our branding and keep up with our quickly growing business.

I'm so proud to link people to my website. Kind of like when you makeover your home and it represents your authentic self, you're excited to say "Look at this, this is who we are!"

I liked how organized Katie was, it was so helpful in our crazy chaotic business world to have the reassurance that we were working with someone who had it completely together and would keep us on track. Katie knew when to be the squeaky wheel to me, but in an ever-gracious way, to keep the project going. She's exactly what we needed.

I LOVE our website and look forward to recommending her to others!"

Web Design Testimonial - Evelyn Rennich

Evelyn Rennich

Writer + Speaker

"Katie delivered a site that exceeded my expectations in function, beauty, and clarity.

She is professional, prompt, and skilled at showcasing the true heart of a brand.

Katie offered the perfect combination of professional and friendly. Her process was well thought-through and foolproof to deliver the exact website I was dreaming of.

Katie is a delight to work with and a true master in the art of designing simple websites. I can't recommend her services enough."

Web Design Testimonial - Sera Snyder

Sera Snyder

Wellness Coach + Retreat Facilitator

"Katie is SO organized and anticipates what is needed before you even know it is needed.

I was concerned about spending money on a website I was not potentially ready to launch. I felt uncertain and scared to share my business with others.

After launching, I now feel confident to share the work I am doing with everyone and allow them to see me!

I loved the process and was so impressed throughout how she organized everything so well and anticipated needs.  All the steps were simple and easy to follow.  Additionally, Katie was such a joy to work with.  She listened and got what my vision was and knew what I wanted before I did.

Katie is incredible to work with and I would 100% recommend her to others.  She not only helps build your website but really helps you to understand your brand, what you are offering and what you want your website to do for your business.  She has a comprehensive mindset and just totally gets it.

Working with Katie not only helped my business and brand come alive, but it inspired me to want to simplify and organize my systems in a new way and make sure that I was making things easier for my clients.  She really is professional and organized!"

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Web Design Testimonial - Bryan N

Bryan Nadeau, CPC

Executive Coach

“I loved Katie’s positive attitude and quick responses.

I’d definitely recommend Katie to others. She does really great work, easy to work with and takes your suggestions and turns them into a beautiful website.

It’s been a pleasure working with her.”

Web Design Testimonial - Tonya Crombie

Tonya Crombie

Life + Executive Coach

"I really loved her high level of customer service, which is rare these days!

Being a small business, it was a lot of money to invest and I was afraid I wouldn't like the design. But Katie was very easy to work with and I loved my website! She's calm and doesn't talk down to her clients.

Katie has the experience and great opinions but isn't afraid to say, "I don't know but I will find out." I've already recommended her to others"

Web Design Testimonial - Jennifer Faherty

Jennifer Faherty

Certified Coach

"Katie was so easy to work with.

She answered all of my questions, was organized and got back to me right away when I had questions. Plus, I love the end result. She created a clean, beautiful website that I hope to have for a long time.

I would certainly recommend Katie. She's generous with her time, a good communicator and very organized so you always know what's happening behind the scenes and throughout the entire design process."

Web Design Testimonial - Kelli Douglas

Kelli Douglas

NYC Studio Owner

"The end result is very different than what is out there, which is exactly what I wanted.

The whole project felt a little daunting at first but it went by pretty quickly. The site is beautiful and Katie has a simple design style, which I appreciated. Katie was flexible with me throughout the project but we finished in a timely manner. My website has a personality while being simple and beautiful."

Web Design Testimonial - Jane Winne

Jane Winné

Paradigm Coach

“She embodies the meaning of simple, chic, and frustration-free web design.

If you’re in need of a web designer don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, drop what you’re doing and contact Katie O’Brien! Working with Katie felt like a true collaboration She heard me, captured my vision and translated it to a website I love!

No worries. Katie delivered. Period. Katie is a consummate professional, responsive, talented, skilled and provided resources and videos that will continue to support me long after her work is complete. Invest in this designer! You’ll be glad you did!"

{Katie, there truly aren’t enough words to thank you for this entire experience. My website is more than I dreamed it could be. I honestly couldn’t be more happy with it. Thank you.}

Web Design Testimonial - Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson

Wellness Speaker + Business Mentor

"I loved the beautiful, clean results of the site. I knew Katie was the right person as soon as I saw her work.

I appreciated Katie's dedication to the project and commitment to deliver a website that truly conveyed my personality and brand. Katie was patient and continued to work with me until we got the style I most desired.

It's a site I am proud to send people to now. It is clean and clear. It is warm and inviting."

Web Design Testimonial - Casey Gromer

Casey Gromer

Virtual Marketing Officer

"I really appreciated her professionalism, her well-constructed process and the skills she has to envision exactly what I was looking for.

Katie came highly recommended and now I'm another who highly recommends her. I was so worried that once my words were put in {the design}, it would not be the effect I wanted. But Katie took my ramblings and laid them out so that they make sense and it’s just perfect!!"

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