Heartfelt testimonials, highlighting seamless processes and stunning outcomes in brand and web design.

Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-8-Jennifer Montfort

Jennifer Montfort

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Katie on several website and design projects with multiple clients and each project has been a joy. Katie’s design sensibilities, processes, and organization all combine to make a seamless and uncomplicated experience from start to finish. I have appreciated her willingness to answer questions, and she is generous with her responses. generosity. Her willingness to jump in on time-sensitive requests and last-minute projects has produced amazing work and saved the day multiple times. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any of your design needs.”

Jennifer Montfort
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-2-Shadi Karimi

Shadi Karimi

“Katie’s expertise extended beyond my expectations as she skillfully branded my website, logo, business cards, and signage. Throughout the process of working with Katie on my law firm’s website, I was not only captivated by her elevated design and aesthetic talents, but I was also impressed by her unwavering work ethic and professionalism. She effortlessly made the entire process feel seamless, resulting in an extraordinary outcome.

From the very beginning, Katie provided clear and thorough explanations of the steps involved, ensuring that I was well-informed at every stage. Her timeliness and attention to detail were commendable, and the final results were nothing short of wonderful. I have received numerous inquiries from colleagues, family, and friends, all seeking to know the name of the web designer responsible for such outstanding work.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Katie for her top-notch expertise and artistry.”

Shadi Karimi
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-1-Tammy Battistessa, Ellaire Interior Design

Tammy Battistessa

“I was initially concerned about hiring someone to rebrand my website, as I had paid another firm to create my website only a year prior and didn’t feel that it reflected my brand in the way I had envisioned and appeared to look a little like a DIY site.

However, after speaking with Katie, I felt very comfortable and confident in her abilities and process. I loved that she had a very defined process, and the entire experience went very smoothly.

Today, my website is more professional and refined and more accurately reflects my brand. In addition, my website is much more user-friendly and functional, as Katie also incorporated a form and calendar link to allow my clients to book an introductory phone consultation online.

However, my favorite outcome is the new logo that Katie created for me, which I absolutely love! I would definitely recommend Katie to anyone looking to level up their brand and website!”

Tammy Battistessa
website design testimonial

Leigh Ann Cherry

“After searching online for a web designer, Katie was our first and only stop! We felt confident in her style and communication. We were hoping for a branded look and updated feel. My favorite part of the process was taking time to think about our brand and company. The process was super easy and very thoughtfully laid out. Today we have a more cohesive workflow and a well-branded look.”

Leigh Ann Cherry
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-3-Becky Vocaire

Becky Vocaire

“I had a site that didn’t fully reflect the clients I wanted to attract and the message I wanted to convey with my growing business. I wanted a complete brand overhaul to go with my new name and focus on design. A professional and unified look across all platforms!

I chose Katie because she had a defined process and timeline goals most importantly. I knew that her work was excellent by seeing other sites that she had worked on but, as I know in my job, a defined client experience will take it to the next level.

One of my favorite parts of the process was seeing my magazine design come to life. It was an unexpected add to the project but it is a beautiful piece!

I didn’t have to worry about the work being done. I trusted her process and knew I could rely on her. The whole experience was seamless. Katie made this entire process fun and worry-free.”

Becky Vocaire
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-4-Corine Phillips Interiors

Corine Phillips

“Katie’s workflow is impeccable. I don’t think I’ve worked with someone who has such an easy way of walking a client through a process till the end.

My business didn’t have a solid website that potential clients were able to visit. I was frustrated by it and honestly, what I used as a website made me feel so ashamed to even share my business cards.

I was hoping to have something clean, something that represented me, something that will have my brand colors without it being overbearing, and of course something that was informative.

I had a lot of expectations indeed but thank goodness, those were met and exceeded.

The experience overall was great. The communication was great. Katie took the time to pay attention to my remarks, and design something that fully represents me and my brand. I like that she also provided additional resources like those different links for Dubsado and Convertkit.

I like how clean my website is. I like that my brand colors are represented exactly as I wanted. It is just beautiful!

When I came to Katie, I was frustrated and unsure if I could trust someone with my website; she took my vision and turned it into a reality, and today I am so proud of how beautiful, functional, and professional my website looks. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Corine Phillips
website design client headshot for testimonial

Karen Davis

“Katie clearly understood what I was looking for and created a beautiful well-designed website.

She got my design wants and needs. She understood my business.

Her process made working with her a wonderful experience, she listened to everything I needed and wanted in a new website, then delivered it! My new website now better showcases my work, sells my services, and is user-friendly.

I couldn’t be happier with my new website.”

Karen Davis
Interior Design Logo Testimonial - Susan Hill

Susan Hill

“Katie was easy to work with and met my expectations. Her process was clear, concise, and straightforward. The refinement process was easy and her communication was great.”

Susan Hill
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-6-Susan Joy

Susan Joy

“I hired Katie as I was getting ready to launch my coaching business. I knew the importance of a great website but felt that I did not have the skills or the time to create what I wanted myself. I wanted a website that reflected my values and aesthetics. My completed website allows me to launch my business with confidence.

Before deciding to work with Katie, I searched on Pinterest for classic, clean website design. Somehow I found her and loved all the examples in her portfolio. I knew right away that she could create what I envisioned. The results are amazing and completely on-brand.

Katie took the time to learn about my business and the design I wanted to bring to life. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

She eased my anxiety over trying to do this myself.

Working with Katie was the best decision I made to start off my business. She brought the vision I had for my website to life.”

Susan Joy
website design client headshot for testimonial

Monica Andrews

“Katie really listened to my goals and understood my aesthetic to create a website that was a true reflection of me and my business.

I had no time to learn how to create a website. I needed a professional, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing website that accurately represented my brand and services.

Katie’s process was streamlined and highly efficient. The result was a beautiful product that will help me grow my business.”

Monica Andrews
website design testimonial headshot

Jackie de Crinis

“Katie is professional, friendly, creative, and reliable. She delivered everything she promised on time and on budget.

My brand and website is everything I envisioned. It has all of the aesthetic qualities and ease of use that I love. It gives me the opportunity to have a more sophisticated calling card and be able to do more in terms of attracting clients and growing my email list.

Katie was fantastic in every way. I loved her expertise, reliability, and ability to communicate my desires into the end product. She is top-notch.”

Jackie de Crinis
Web Design Testimonial - Betty Kempa

Betty Kempa

“Definitely what I was looking for. It’s elevated and fun! I feel very proud of this.

I’m selling an elevated product to an elevated clientele and needed my website to reflect that. My website and brand are now reflective of the work I do.

The website looks beautiful! It feels very elevated. And fun! Definitely what I was looking for. I feel very proud of this.

I love the crisp yet fun design, the brand colors, and the new package logo. I’m a branding snob—meaning I think branding is a huge deal—and this looks GREAT!

I appreciate how Katie is always super open to my directions, edits, feedback and suggestions. It’s cool to see how Katie magically brings my vision to life.

She is the BEST of the best when it comes to elevated website design and branding.”

Betty Kempa
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-7-Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez

“My entire website is now clean and modern. Katie took the vision in my head and made it come to life online.

Her design services have enabled me to feel confident about my company’s online presence and the ability to draw in my ideal audience.

Everyone that has seen our new website has complimented how modern and clean it looks. I feel like our online presence matches our brand, the value we offer to our clients, and the level of work that we perform.

Within less than 24 hours of being live we had already received 7 new strategy session bookings. A good indication that the site is doing what we designed it to do.

Katie’s process is flawless and perfectly executed. She made the entire process of such a huge project simple and streamlined. I never had a question about where the project was in the process, what was coming next, or what I needed to do. As a busy business owner, this was like a dream come true.”

Jessica Hernandez
Website Design Testimonial - Sue Bolton

Sue Bolton

“Katie is worth investing in. In the end, you will get a website you ADORE!!!
I reached out to Katie via a recommendation from a friend. I had heard such horror stories from other web designers and developers. However, from the get-go, Katie was warm, welcoming, and METICULOUS.

She explained her process and, in fact, she shared a detailed, step-by-step project plan that outlined everything she would be doing, the dates it was due, and my part in getting it done. I was very impressed with that. She stuck to deadlines and met them all.

Katie was always available for a conversation. She was adaptable, when we thought we wanted something and then saw it, she would change it the way we wanted it. I found her work to be of such high quality!

I am glad that I utilized her services to build a website that is beautiful. It really is lovely. She did a great job.

She is such a fabulous web designer and I would recommend her to ANY OF MY FRIENDS.”

Sue Bolton
Web Design Testimonial - Amy Kemp

Amy Kemp

“I’m excited about having an online presence that TRULY represents my business and me.
This makes me more confident in the services I am offering.

I feel like my branding, the name of the company we shifted to, and of course, the website, is now a beautiful storefront for my business. It’s a place where people can feel welcome and safe, where they can “meet” me.

I loved that it never felt overwhelming working with Katie – we just worked on one thing with a due date at a time! I never felt confused about what I was supposed to be doing for the next step!

I absolutely recommend Katie! Her process made a VERY detailed project enjoyable. And I loveeeee the final product.

The site FEELS like me!

I appreciate Katie being a part of my growing team! I’ve already added 2 new clients using the site before we even announced the launch! Pretty exciting!”

Amy Kemp
Web Design Testimonial - Kim Jones

Kim Jones

“I knew Katie was the web designer for me from our first conversation! I chose to go with Katie for my project because of her obvious talent, attention to customer service, and her understanding of the industry.

She is clearly an expert in this space.

It was so important for me to have a professional-looking website that positioned me as a leader in my field. Having such a site gives me the backing now to go full-force with marketing my services.

I specifically liked how well she understood what I was looking for and offered her advice on what would work best for me. With each iteration, she delivered according to the last feedback given, to a T. She created things I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it in the design.”

Kim Jones
Website Design Testimonial - Krista Spence

Krista Spence

“I felt totally comfortable being myself and expressing my thoughts and feelings as we worked together.

The experience was much more than just building a website. The project helped me to think strategically about my business, my brand, my marketing, and my ideal client.

The end product is beautiful. The process was clear. Katie was very responsive to each question I had. Her turnaround time is fantastic. She always came in on time or ahead of schedule with each of the deliverables. Katie is extremely reliable, dependable, professional, and supportive.”

Krista Spence
Web Design Testimonial - Harriette Schumacher

Harriette Schumacher

“I need more women like her in my corner. Working with Katie is a dream, she gets me and her design is so visually stunning – over and over again. I also trust her to give me great advice.

Since hiring Katie, I’ve gained more clarity in my business. I know how to discern quality web support from non – and it’s easy to waste a lot of money there. My brand has become more recognized… it stands out in the pack.

I really liked how easy it is working with Katie. It feels so efficient and inflow.”

Harriette Schumacher
Website Design Testimonial - Elaine Brisebois

Elaine Brisebois

“I don’t have website shame anymore. I’m more than happy to drive traffic to my site. Overall it’s a much nicer experience for the end-user and people are sticking around longer.

I loved how organized and professional Katie was. She managed the entire project from start to finish – I just had to hit the deadlines that she set up.

I also really liked the check-in calls that allowed for feedback along the way. I always felt comfortable sharing my feedback with her, and ultimately I always felt we were on the same page when I left those calls.

I felt the whole experience was seamless from beginning to end.

I wish I had hired Katie sooner. I’m so happy to have worked with her and look forward to working with her again!”

Elaine Brisebois
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-5-Ingrid Porter

Ingrid Porter

“I feel confident now in knowing I am putting my best foot forward to attract my ideal clients. I niched into what I do best and that is now reflected in my website.

I had a website, but it was not supported. I wanted to have one single place to show my designs, attract clients, and feel supported. I really wanted to form a working relationship with someone who understood me and my brand. I had not found the perfect match for me in a web designer and felt a bit lost.

I wanted to work with a professional who could anticipate my needs and make suggestions for me to tailor my website and brand. Katie was that perfect person for me!

Working with Katie was one of the best decisions I have made in my business. I gave her my basic thoughts on what I wanted and she took the design to the next level. She was able to capture my style and create a brand that is truly ME. I’m now perfectly branded. My website works all the time. I feel supported every step of the way.

The design and the backend of how all the pieces work together is one of the best parts of working with Katie. I don’t need to know how all the website works, I just need to know that it does. She always has my best interest in her hands and that is really comforting.”

Ingrid Porter
Web Design Testimonial - Trish Bates-Doolin

Trish Bates-Doolin

“Katie was incredibly patient with me and very flexible. I had never developed a website for my own business before. I was concerned that it would be onerous and a ton of work on my part. I was also not clear on my niche and unsure what it should look like.

It was a great experience working with her and I would highly recommend her service to anyone!”

Trish Bates-Doolin
Web Design Testimonial - Evelyn Rennich

Evelyn Rennich

“Katie delivered a site that exceeded my expectations in function, beauty, and clarity.
She is professional, prompt, and skilled at showcasing the true heart of a brand.

Katie offered the perfect combination of professional and friendly. Her process was well thought-through and foolproof to deliver the exact website I was dreaming of.

Katie is a delight to work with and a true master in the art of designing simple websites. I can’t recommend her services enough.”

Evelyn Rennich
Web Design Testimonial - Lisa Christiansen

Lisa Christiansen

“As soon as I landed on Katie’s website and saw her portfolio, I knew she was the designer for me.

This whole process felt so overwhelming at first since it was all new to me. I wasn’t sure where to start or what I needed. But Katie’s guidance and professional recommendations from copywriting to legal to more made things so much simpler. She’s a one-stop-shop!

I’m so pleased with my new website. It’s beautiful! It’s so warm, inviting, and polished. I’m really proud of it!

I appreciated Katie’s creativity, professionalism, and organization. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Her creativity and expertise were the keys to making my website successful.”

Lisa Christiansen