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How to Easily Add Custom Fonts to your WordPress Website

   Most WordPress themes come with set font options. If you’re lucky, your theme will allow you to choose from the Google Fonts library. But what if your brand’s font isn’t in the Google Library? You’ll want to make sure your site stays consistent with your branding and your brand font is available to…

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My Step-by-Step Process for Adding a New Blog Post

Most people think this is a simple process and it is… but there are some vital steps you need to make. These tips will ensure your posts are fully optimized for Google and your readers. Here are the steps I take whenever adding a new blog post on my website: 1. Free-write post. This is…

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How I Manage My Editorial Calendar & Blog Content with CoSchedule

UPDATE – I’ve since broken up with CoSchedule & have fallen in love with a different social media scheduler. Check out this post to learn more. I bought an annual subscription to CoSchedule a few months ago and really haven’t jumped in until just recently. I have so many blog post and video ideas I…

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