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How to Share (+Repurpose) your Content with SmarterQueue, My New Favorite Social Media Scheduler

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I used to be one of those entrepreneurs who would write a blog post, share it once (maybe twice) and then let it disappear on into the internet archives of my blog.

Then I moved over to CoSchedule and after creating a blog post I’d share it maybe 4 times… but it always seemed odd sharing the same post 4 times in one month…

But even with that tool, I was struggling to remember to reshare or repurpose my old content past that first month or two.

Majority of my content is evergreen. Meaning it’s applicable to businesses and clients all the time, not just during the time I published it so they SHOULD be shared regularly.

But the more content I seemed to publish the deeper my older posts would disappear into the background.

It wasn’t until a few new clients starting asking me questions… like “how do I get started with MailChimp?” or “how do I backup my website?” — I wrote articles on these exact topics a few months back and thought if these clients are asking for these resources I’m sure the rest of my audience would benefit from them.

And that began my hunt for a social media scheduler that (effortlessly) recycled my old content.

I finally stumbled upon SmarterQueue and discovered it was/is 100% the solution I was looking for not only to publish out new content but regularly recycle all of my old content, too.

It took me about an hour to get my set up and now I just have to sit back and watch my content get recycled over and over.

Here are the main reasons I decided SmarterQueue was the right tool for me and why I recommend it to all my clients:

  • You’ll save time by not having to manually schedule your posts
  • You’ll increase engagement with your audience
  • You’ll become more consistent, always having posts scheduled at dependable times
  • You’ll reuse and repurpose your content by recycling evergreen posts
  • You’ll be considered an expert in your field by sharing your industries favorites

You can get started with SmarterQueue in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Link Social Media Profiles

I primarily use Facebook, so I chose that channel first. But you can select as many profiles that you’d like.

Step 2: Set Categories

I mirrored the categories of my WordPress blog posts. I also made sure to include a Portfolio / Self Promotion categories so I could regularly post invitations to my intro talks and share client testimonials from the past.

Step 3: Set Schedule

I love the drag-n-drop feature here. Basically, you’ll just select the desired category, select desired profile, and drag and drop category into the desired time slot on your week. Done 🙂

Step 4: Add Your Content

I just opened up my blog page and copied the URL from each blog post and added it to the status box. The featured image from my blog post automatically populates, or I could upload my own.

Step 5: Find Content + Become an Industry Expert

Your feed shouldn’t be all about you, you and you. While your posts are helpful, you’ll become invaluable if you start sharing other people’s content that will support your clients. So perhaps as a health coach, you’ll search for healthy recipes from top websites and share those on a regular basis.

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