Web Design for Certified Professional Coach, Betty Kempa

Betty Kempa Career Coach Website Design New
Client Profile

Betty Kempa is a Certified Professional Coach who helps corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into their dream careers. Betty’s life purpose is to help others find and achieve theirs.


Project Deliverables

Brand Visuals (Logo Design, Wordmark, Typography + Color Palette)

WordPress Website Design + Development


Project Details

Betty reached out after being recommended on the iPEC Coaching Facebook page. I’ve worked with a handful of iPEC coaches already and she was excited to see how I could support her, as well.

Betty noted the fact I was a coach myself and had a simplistic and chic design style is what most excited her about working together.

Her project deliverables included a custom logo design, multiple variations of her logo, a branded Style Guide that was all wrapped together in a custom website design on WordPress.


Client Feedback

“I did my research before hiring Katie. The fact she was iPEC alumni and other coaches recommended her was solid for me.  And mostly I loved her own personal website - it looked clean and modern, exactly the way I wanted mine to look.

Katie was super organized, patient and always solution oriented. She took feedback very well and altered accordingly to meet my needs. I appreciated her suggestions and guidance, as I did look to her as the expert. I look forward to using her video tutorials to guide me as I update my site on my own as I go forward from here.

This site launch makes me feel awesome, excited… armed and dangerous! Thank you so much!!!”

Betty Kempa, Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP

Project Gallery

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