Transformative Visions

Premium Website Design and Branding for Leadership Training Firm

Transformative Visions provides premium leadership coaching and training for organizations and individuals ready to drive performance. Sue Bolton and Paula Conkey, co-founders of Transformative Visions, reached out after being referred to me by one of my past website design clients.

They were looking for a website that is straightforward, uncluttered, and easy to comprehend, but also visually engaging and lively through the use of color and graphics. Together we created a premium website design and brand identity that was professional, efficient and prioritized simplicity.


“Katie is worth investing in. In the end, you will get a website you ADORE!!!

I reached out to Katie via a recommendation from a friend. I had heard such horror stories from other web designers and developers. However, from the get-go, Katie was warm, welcoming, and METICULOUS.

She explained her process and, in fact, she shared a detailed, step-by-step project plan that outlined everything she would be doing, the dates it was due, and my part in getting it done. I was very impressed with that. She stuck to deadlines and met them all.

Katie was always available for a conversation. She was adaptable, when we thought we wanted something and then saw it, she would change it the way we wanted it. I found her work to be of such high quality!

I am glad that I utilized her services to build a website that is beautiful. It really is lovely. She did a great job.

She is such a fabulous web designer and I would recommend her to ANY OF MY FRIENDS.”

Sue Bolton