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TLG Doors & Hardware

TLG Doors & Hardware, a family-run custom door shop, sought to revamp their online presence to stand out among competitors. With over 43 years of industry experience, owner Leigh Ann Cherry reached out for a fresh brand identity and polished WordPress website. Collaborating with TLG, we crafted a minimalist brand aesthetic and warm color palette, reflected in their logo and website design. The website prioritized user navigation and showcased their expertise, culminating in a successful launch. Moving forward, TLG opted for ongoing maintenance to ensure their website remains a powerful tool for attracting clients.

The Inquiry

Leigh Ann Cherry from TLG Doors reached out after a Google Search for a website designer. She noted the local market has a good bit of competition in the door industry and they were ready to stand out among them. With over 43 years in the industry and a strong reputation, they were in need of a fresh, cohesive brand identity and streamlined website. The website needed to be attractive and informative as possible to help increase sales.

They also needed a few additional assets designed to cohesively incorporate their new branding with a few onboarding docs and a HoneyBook design proposal.

Website Copy Creation

Prior to their start date, TLG worked with Erin Ollila to craft their website copy. Knowing they’d be busy working in their business they were ready to delegate this task to a professional copywriter I trusted. They worked together to craft website copy for their homepage, about page, featured gallery pages, and more. Erin also provided them with targeted SEO keyphrases, SEO titles, and meta descriptions for each page to ensure each page is properly optimized.

Prep Work for the WordPress Web Design Project

Also, before their start date, TLG completed a brand questionnaire, style, and preferences sheet and shared their website photos with me. We then met for a website strategy session to solidify their website goals and review an inspiration board they created on Pinterest.

Homepage Mockup + Brand Identity

When their project began, I started sketching logo design ideas based on their preferences. They wanted their branding to have a minimalist vibe, both clean and crisp. After sketching a few ideas, I began searching for the perfect font pairings for both their logo design and website. Nobel from Adobe Fonts was the perfect blend of clean, crisp, and modern.

We kept the color palette warm with deep earthy tones with a slightly masculine vibe.

Once the brand identity was established, I began working on their homepage. I started by laying out their website copy and then weaving in their website photos in all the right places. Lastly, I incorporated their brand identity details allowing everything to effortlessly blend with one another.

At this phase, Leigh Ann and Hannah (the lovely ladies I was working with behind the scenes) submitted their feedback and refinement requests. I then buttoned up the homepage mockup and brand identity for a soft approval before moving on to the next phase of the project.

WordPress Web Design + Development

The primary goal of TLG Doors’ website was to help prospective clients easily submit a request for a quote. We wanted to ensure the website was easier to navigate and more visually appealing for customers who wanted to partner with them.

Just as I did with the homepage, I began laying out the website copy to support their goals. Then added website photos and brand cohesiveness. After designing, I began developing the website on a WordPress staging site.

After sharing the website with TLG, they submitted their feedback and we completed two more rounds of refinements at this phase. Soon thereafter, they approved the website and we were ready to launch!

Launch Day!

On launch day, I moved everything over to their live domain and watched their new brand and website come to life! Just like my other launches, I completed a comprehensive checklist and tested everything thoroughly. Then after creating their Website Help Guide TLG’s new website was ready for them.

Additionally, after launching I helped implement their new branding inside of HoneyBook creating a branded design proposal and smart file.

Support + Ongoing Care

After their two-week, post-launch support window they chose to roll into a monthly maintenance plan where my team will now handle their WordPress updates, backups, maintenance, and more.

It was a pleasure working with both Leigh Ann and Hannah at TLG and I look forward to supporting them for years to come with their brand and website needs.