Charlotte, North Carolina

Susan Hill Interior Design

Brand Identity with a Luxury Interior Design Logo, Business Cards & More

Susan Hill Interior Design specializes in architectural interior design, construction management, and home furnishings for new builds and full-home renovations. Their 20+ years of construction experience is backed by a passion for fresh yet timeless style, everyday practicality, and long-term peace of mind for their clients in Charlotte, North Carolina. She needs a luxury logo design that would be more in alignment with her new brand messaging and website copy.

Interior Design Logo Testimonial - Susan Hill

“Katie’s process was clear, concise, and straightforward. She was easy to work with and met my expectations. The refinement process was easy and her communication was great.”

Susan Hill, Susan Hill Interior Design

The Project Gallery

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When Susan reached out for a new brand design when she was working with Ochre&Beige on her brand strategy and website copy.

With an existing website, she was just interested in updating her logo, business cards, and brand collateral that would carry through the new messaging on her site.

Susan was hoping to have her brand and online presence be consistent with one another and speak to the luxury services they provide.

We kicked Susan’s project off with a thorough brand questionnaire. This allowed us to gain clarity on the overall vibe she was after for her new brand identity.

With this brand identity, we wanted to convey the feeling of luxury, relaxation, and unfussiness.

In addition to my brand questionnaire, Susan carefully curated an inspiration board on Pinterest. This vital step ensures we’re on the same page visually prior to beginning the design process.

We then met for a project kickoff meeting. During this call, we reviewed the questionnaire and inspiration board to nail the visual direction of the project.

With all the prep work complete and her brand strategy guide in hand, I began crafting her new logo design and brand identity.

Starting with the logo design I focused on the vibe: casual luxury. By combining both a casual script font and modern san serif font we nailed the desired look from the get-go. Allowing these two contrasting fonts to overlap a bit added more depth to the design.

With the primary logo design established, I began working on a secondary logo design and brand mark design. The secondary logo is intended to be a cohesive variation of her primary logo and is suggested to be used in her website footer.

The brand mark adds an extra layer of depth to the brand identity. This variation can be used in fun ways throughout your social media, marketing materials, swag, or collateral items.

After crafting this luxury interior design logo, I began working on the other brand elements. This included a soft color palette and a luxury font pairing for her website.

Once Susan signed off on the logo design, I began working on her project add-on services. These included new business cards, note cards, letterhead, and social graphics to announce her rebrand.

I just love the way this luxury logo design and the full brand identity turned out for Susan Hill Interior Design. Susan described her experience working together as clear, concise, and straightforward. It was a pleasure to work with her and her team.