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Marker Girl Interior Design

Karen Davis, the creative force behind Marker Girl Interior Design in Houston, Texas, sought my expertise to revamp her website, aiming for an SEO-friendly, clean, and client-converting platform. Focused on family-friendly living, Karen specializes in remodels, new constructions, and design consulting, striving to celebrate personal style without sacrificing practicality. Through meticulous collaboration, we curated a modern yet approachable website, featuring a polished and playful color palette and engaging font pairings. The result is a sophisticated yet inviting platform that reflects Karen’s dedication to her clients’ needs.

This interior designer dreamed of a fresh new interior design website to attract quality leads and showcase her beautiful work.

Karen felt her existing website came across as DIY and wasn’t representing her services well. She was also noticing her site was ‘losing people.’ Karen had great SEO but her new visitors weren’t sticking around for very long. In other words, her website had a high bounce rate and fewer and fewer new inquiries.

After a quick search on Google, Karen found my website and booked an Introductory Call. I remember during our initial chat it felt like Karen and I were old friends. I heard her concerns about her existing brand and website design and was confident I could deliver a new design she’d be proud to call her own.

Prior to Karen’s start date, she completed the necessary prep work for me to fully understand her business, ideal clients, positioning, and website goals. We met also met for a strategy session to discuss the look, feel and flow of her new interior designer website.

Throughout our collaboration, I remained focused on her ideal client – a modern, working mother. Karen often spoke about her mission to help moms achieve beautiful and stylish spaces that would stand up to everyday family living. As a modern, working mother myself, I could totally relate to and appreciate her passion in this.

Crafting the perfect interior website design homepage and logo design

Soon after the start of her project, I revealed the first version of her homepage design mockup with a modern new logo design and color palette in play. This was followed by a few refinements before moving along to the next phase.

It was important to have a clean color palette that felt smart and stylish but also paired well with the variety of colors from Karen’s project shots. We decided on a polished + playful color palette that included just the right blues and greens.

Next, I chose a font pairing with a mix of light and medium weights of the Google Font, Poppins. Poppins is a geometric sans serif typeface that worked beautifully with the rest of the design.

A beautiful interior website design and development for a family-friendly interior designer in Texas

Once her homepage design and brand visuals were approved, I proceeded to design the rest of the interior pages on her website.

Her website project consisted of all the standard pages you’d expect on an interior designer’s website. A homepage, about page, services page, portfolio, and contact.

Karen also had nearly 300 blog posts we carried over into her new design. Each service had its own dedicated page as well as each project on her portfolio. After a few more rounds of refinements at this phase, we were ready to prep for launch day!

Visiting Karen’s new interior design website you’ll find the perfect balance of sophistication and restraint. You’ll see outstanding photography scattered throughout and plenty of testimonials supporting her well-written website copy.

Even her blog is strategically built to support her website visitors’ journey: getting to know Karen, exploring her past work, and helping prepare them for their own interior design projects. It was an honor helping bring Karen’s vision to life with this brand and website design project. This website will support her interior design business for many years to come. Karen has also requested we continue to support her with an ongoing WordPress Website Care Plan to ensure her site stays in great shape moving forward.