Minimalist Website Design and Branding

Jackie de Crinis

Jackie is a life coach who helps people reduce their stress and create more success in their lives. She wanted to redesign her website. She needed to integrate her email list and create a user-friendly experience for clients to learn more and book consults. With limited tech experience, she was ready to take it all to the next level with the help of a pro. Together we created a website with plenty of white space, clean fonts, and an overall minimalist vibe.

website design testimonial headshot

“Katie is professional, friendly, creative, and reliable. She delivered everything she promised on time and on budget.

My brand and website are everything I envisioned. It has all of the aesthetic qualities and ease of use that I love. It gives me the opportunity to have a more sophisticated calling card and be able to do more in terms of attracting clients and growing my email list.

Katie was fantastic in every way. I loved her expertise, reliability, and ability to communicate my desires into the end product. She is top-notch.”

Jackie de Crinis