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Corine Phillips Interiors

Corine envisioned her brand touching souls and creating inviting online spaces, leading to the creation of a new WordPress website for her interior design studio. Seeking a blend of personality and high-end experience, Corine aimed to solidify her brand without appearing cold or pretentious. With a focus on inclusivity and cultural diversity, Corine’s heritage shaped her approach to interior design, believing it should reflect personality and life experiences. Together, we crafted a lively, relatable, and professional website, showcasing her service offerings and lead magnet to engage visitors effectively. Built on WordPress, Corine’s new website embodies her vision and will serve her interior design studio for years to come.

Corine wanted her brand to impact people by touching their souls with a new WordPress website for her interior design studio.

Her new website needed to communicate that she is both personable and understanding of her clients’ needs. It also needed to offer a high-end experience to visitors without being cold and pretentious.

With an existing website that felt incomplete and off-brand, she was ready to invest to solidify her brand and create an inviting online home for her interior design business. It also needed to include her pre-existing brand colors without being overbearing.

With a pre-established logo and lively color palette, we focused our time on blending her existing elements into a fresh new WordPress website.

After collaborating with Corine on our strategy session, it was clear that the main goal for her new website would be to help new visitors self-qualify for her services and then complete her contact form. Her service offerings included interior design, virtual interior design, and an array of a la carte design services.

For those visiting her website who were not yet ready to discuss working together, we established a secondary call to action to guide new visitors to subscribe to her email list. This was incentivized by inviting them to download her lead magnet. Her lead magnet was a resource for helping prospective clients create a home improvement budget (so smart!).

Corine stands out in the interior design industry with her cultural diversity. Born in Cameroon and immersed in French culture, both her heritage and life journey have helped her better understand how her clients’ experiences are indicators of the spaces they live in. She believes interior design should reflect your personality, the places you have seen, and the people you meet

Built on WordPress, Corine’s new website for her interior design studio will serve her for years to come.

The design is everything she dreamed of. It’s lively, relatable, informative, clean, and professional.

Her project scope included: a website strategy session, a brand questionnaire, guided prep work, 7 full website pages, a custom portfolio page, individual project page templates, an easy-to-update WordPress website, basic SEO setup, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console integration, (aff. link) setup and integration, a custom training tutorial, a private Zoom wrap-up call, and two full weeks of follow-up support.

It was an absolute pleasure supporting Corine and her interior design business throughout this project. I look forward to seeing what’s to come for her and her interior design studio.