Featured Project

Betty Kempa

Bold Website Design and Branding for Colorado Business Coach


“Definitely what I was looking for. It’s elevated and fun! I feel very proud of this.

I’m selling an elevated product to an elevated clientele and needed my website to reflect that. My website and brand are now reflective of the work I do.

The website looks beautiful! It feels very elevated. And fun! Definitely what I was looking for. I feel very proud of this.

I love the crisp yet fun design, the brand colors, and the new package logo. I’m a branding snob—meaning I think branding is a huge deal—and this looks GREAT! I appreciate how Katie is always super open to my directions, edits, feedback, and suggestions. It’s cool to see how Katie magically brings my vision to life.

She is the BEST of the best when it comes to elevated website design and branding.”

Betty Kempa, Business Coach