Website Design for Financial Planner & Money Coach

"Katie was so easy to work with. She answered all of my questions, was organized and got back to me right away when I had questions.

Plus, I love the end result. She created a clean, beautiful website that I hope to have for a long time.

I would certainly recommend Katie, not only because her great sense of web design, but also because she is so easy to work with. She's generous with her time, a good communicator and very organized so you always know what's happening behind the scenes and throughout the entire design process."

-Jennifer Faherty | financialwealthbeing.com

Website Design for Executive Transition Coach

"What I loved best about working with her was her positive attitude and quick responses.

I'd definitely recommend Katie to others. She does really great work, easy to work with and takes your suggestions and turns them into a beautiful website.

It was a pleasure working with her."

-Bryan Nadeau | visiontorealitycoaching.com

Landing Page Design for Community Blog

"Katie was extremely prompt in her responses, and also very helpful with providing her expertise and feedback. I am still actively learning the technical side of things, and Katie made the time to further explain and address in great detail any questions I had when it came to things such as these.

I also really enjoyed her sweet demeanor and professionalism. She truly is a dream to work with.

The whole experience was such a pleasure! I remember looking at the creation of this site as a daunting task, but Katie made it fun, easy, and manageable. I learned so much throughout the process, and that is in great part thanks to Katie's constructive feedback."

-Maria Meier | wisconcierge.net

Website Design for Mid-Life & Energy Coach

“If you’re in need of a web designer don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, drop what you’re doing and contact Katie O’Brien! She embodies the meaning of simple, chic, and frustration free web design.

Working with Katie felt like a true collaboration. She heard me, captured my vision and translated it to a website I love! No worries. Katie delivered. Period.

Katie is a consummate professional, responsive, talented, skilled and provided resources and videos that will continue to support me long after her work is complete. Invest in this designer! You’ll be glad you did!"

-Jane Winne | myparadigmcoach.com

Website Design for Life & Executive Coach

"Being a small business, it was a lot of money to invest and I was afraid I wouldn't like the design. But Katie was very easy to work with and I loved my website!

She's calm and doesn't talk down to her clients. She has experience and great opinions but isn't afraid to say, "I don't know, but I will find out." I've already recommended her to others.

I also really loved her customer service which is rare these days!"

Tonya Crombie | guidanceforthefuture.com

Custom WordPress Website Design + Development for Acupuncture Clinic, Willow Tree Wellness Clinic

Website Design for Acupuncture Clinic

"The Monday after the site launched, my phone was ringing off the hook with new patients! My receptionist said, What’s going on?? And I said, my new site is awesome and so pretty that everyone now feels confident giving us a call!

Katie was so generous with her time. And very patient! I've already recommended her to others!"

- Kiné Fischler, LAc. | willowtreeclinic.com

Restored 316 WordPress Theme Installation & Customization for Mommy Blogger + Author + Coach, Sunit Suchdev

WordPress Theme Install for Mommy Blogger + Author + Coach

"Katie absolutely comes from a place of service, always wanting to do whatever she could to ensure my needs were met. And I especially loved her prompt responses to my emails. I loved her customer service which is rare these days."

-Sunit Suchdev | moderntwinmom.com

Restored 316 WordPress Theme Installation & Customization for Health Coach, Jen Robinson

WordPress Theme Install for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

"You would not believe how many compliments I've gotten on my site already in the first few short weeks of launching. I was confident Katie was the perfect fit to capture my vision and bring it to life.

I enjoyed the ease of working with her and the frequent email communications. Of course, I most loved the end result, the beautiful site created. I am blessed to have connected with Katie and look forward to continuing to work together in the future!"

-Jen Robinson / eternallythrivewellness.com

Premium WordPress Theme Installation & Customization for Shelly Petersen, Certified Realm Reader & Spiritual Blogger

WordPress Theme Install for Certified Realm Reader & Spiritual Entrepreneur

"Fun. Helpful. Forgiving. Clear. That's exactly what it was like working with Katie. Somehow she understood exactly what I wanted to do with my site even when I didn't fully understand what I was trying to communicate.

She took fragmented ideas and put them together into something so beautiful and so... ME! I couldn't have hope for a better end result. I'm so in love with my new website and can't wait to share it with the world!"

-Shelly Petersen / spiritualskeptic.net

Restored 316 WordPress Theme Installation & Customization for Certified Health Coach & Entrepreneur, Christy Venter

WordPress Theme Install for Certified Health Coach & Entrepreneur

"Katie was a complete professional and made huge enhancements to my website. I've already received many compliments and truly enjoyed working with her. It was clear she wanted to do all she could to make sure I was satisfied with the experience and was always willing to help. Her attitude and skills make her a great individual to work with and I would love to be able to use her services again!"

-Christy Venter / healthymeliving.com

Custom WordPress Website Design + Development
for Window Treatment Consultant, Susie Ruhland

Website Design for Windows Fashion Consultant

"Not personally knowing Katie made me slightly hesitant to hire her at first... but she was extremely prompt answering my emails and getting the job done. I really enjoyed working with her.

Katie is very organized and completed the website on a timely manner."

-Susie Ruhland / windowfashionsia.com

Premium WordPress Theme Installation & Customization for Mette Semb-Lund, Life Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

WordPress Theme Install for Life Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

"I've worked with rebranding and design of websites with large, professional advertising agencies in former jobs, yet no one has been able to give the level of service and attention I've felt working with Katie.

Katie completely understood all of my needs and knew exactly what I wanted. She found beautiful solutions to everything I requested and helped bring clarity to the areas I was unsure about. I was SO impressed on how smooth everything went.

I'd highly recommend Katie. Her turnaround time, her eye for design and feeling for what her customers want, her professional approach, the planning questionnaire, how everything was so well prepared before we started, her friendliness, her focus on solutions, her attention to detail, the smoothness of it all. I'm definitely looking forward to continuing to use her services!"

-Mette Semb-Lund / mettesemblund.no

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