I’ve recently pivoted my niche from service-based businesses to exclusively providing website design for interior designers and wanted to share about that transition.

For the first 5 years of my web design business, I worked primarily with service-based businesses. During this time, I was fortunate enough to work with a seasoned interior designer, helping her elevate her brand and online presence with a new modern website and brand design. This was back in 2018.

When I built this first interior design website, I noticed how much more excited I was about this project in particular. And even over the years, as I’ve continued to support this same interior designer with her website I’ve always felt pulled to support more businesses like hers.

Today in 2021, I continue to support that same interior designer with her website and have proudly niched down my website design services exclusively for those in the interior design industry.

In this post, I’ll answer a few questions about this pivot, and of course, highlight my own mini-rebrand for my website.

Q1: Why did you choose to work with interior designers?

The biggest pull to choose the interior designers and interior design firms is simply because it brings me joy. I love everything about the industry and strongly believe in their work.

I found myself watching interior designers launch new shows on HGTV and at the end of the episode telling my husband, “See! This is who I want to work with. I love their work. I love them. I want to give them a website they’re proud to showcase their work on.” He then proceeded to tell me to contact these famous designers and I proceeded to just silently stalk them on Instagram. One day.

Another reason I chose to niche into the interior design world is their appreciation for great design. Their appreciation of a well-designed space and the thought that goes into creating a space. Sure, my designs are on the internet and theirs are in a physical location… but there’s a lot of overlap in the ways a skilled interior designer and skilled website designer think.

Q2: Will you be willing to work with someone that’s outside of this industry?

All projects are always considered on a case-by-case basis. I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs over the years, not always in my set niche. After our intro talk, we’ll know if it’s a good fit and I’ll send them a proposal.

However, with that said, all of my marketing will be geared to interior designers as I’m committed to this niche and if I say yes to a less than ideal client I run the risk of booking out with less than ideal projects when a dream client could reach out at any moment.

I really want to inundate myself in learning all about this industry so I can better serve my clients. While I focus on brand and website design, it’s important for me to understand the full picture of running an interior design firm so I can ensure my clients get a website that fully supports their business goals.

Q3: Why did you get so specific with your niche? Why didn’t you choose something more broad, like home professionals?

Marketing is so much simpler when you’re clear and concise. And I was clear on who I wanted to work with, so why not communicate that with the world.

Marketing to a broader home professionals niche isn’t necessarily unclear but I want to attract interior designers. With that being the case if I referred to them in my messaging as home pros vs interior designers, that’s not as clear as I’d like it.

I’m not opposed to broadening my reach down the road to similar businesses such as architects, builders, and the like. But for now, I’m keeping it laser-focused.

With that being said, when it came time to update my website with new copy and a refined design, everything fell right into place.

I kept my same logo, fonts, colors and even my brand photography. But the website design, lead magnet and website copy really needed an overhaul with this new pivot. 

So after a few late nights, I’m proud to reveal the newly refined katieobrien.com. Check out the images below or click through the navigation menu to experience the website live.


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