My Go-To Nurture Sequence Formula for Welcoming New Subscribers

A nurture sequence is a series of emails that are automatically sent out at specific times to nurture your new relationship with new subscribers on your email list. Typically you’ll provide a lead magnet or opt-in offer in exchange for their email address and the nurture sequence will serve as a welcome series providing additional value and establishing your new relationship.

In short, what is a nurture sequence?

A nurture sequence is simply a series of emails that automatically go out to new subscribers to nurture that new relationship. 

How often should you send emails in your nurture sequence?

I send an email every day for the first five days. It might seem like a lot at once but keeping them short and sweet will deliver high-value, quick wins in a short amount of time. Then after my nurture sequence emails go out I let them know I’ll be sending them similar high-value content each week as a part of my email list.

In the following video and post, I’ll walk you through the exact copy I use for a nurture sequence I have set up to welcome new subscribers.

Here is my go-to nurture sequence formula for welcoming new subscribers to my email list:

Before you begin implementing your new nurture sequence, I recommend drafting everything in a Google Doc to get your ideas out. Use the Outline feature to clearly organize each email and the send schedule.

Incentive Email:

Your incentive email isn’t technically part of your nurture sequence. An incentive email should be sent regardless if you’re using a nurture sequence. This email serves as a confirmation to subscribe to your list, grants them access to your lead magnet or free download, and sets expectations on how often you’ll be emailing them and about what.

Your incentive email should be short and sweet and direct them to confirm their request. This is also referred to as a double opt-in to confirm their email address is valid and they actually requested to be added. Using a double opt-in keeps your email list healthy with valid email addresses and engaged subscribers.

woman writing her nurture sequence formula

Nurture Sequence Email #1 sent one day after the incentive email:

The first email you send as a part of your nurture sequence should welcome them to your corner of the internet. In this welcome email, you’ll want to introduce yourself, provide value, and set expectations moving forward. I also like to remind them how they got onto my list in the first place and give them another opportunity to access my lead magnet.

Nurture Sequence Email #2 sent one day after the previous email:

The sole purpose of this email should be to provide value. I usually take this opportunity to further expand on a topic I touched on within my lead magnet. More times than not I’ll reference a blog post that will support them with the topic of this particular email. I always make it a priority to strategically draw them back to my website where it makes sense.

Nurture Sequence Email #3 sent one day after the previous email:

This email is very similar to the previous email. You’ll want to provide more value, more information, and a clear call to action that leads them back to your website. You’re not trying to sell them on any of your services just yet but rather provide them with further information and value. At the end of this email (and all the other emails), I continue to set expectations on what’s to come.

Nurture Sequence Email #4 sent one day after the previous email:

For my business, this email is to help them simplify a common headache in their business. Part of helping them solve this problem is sifting through the available information and resources when it comes to picking online tools to use for their business. So I share my favorites. Most of these links are affiliate links that serve as a small passive income stream which I’m clear about in my email.

In this email, I also let them know that they can expect just one more email to come which will arrive tomorrow.

woman after she finished writing her nurture sequence formula

Final Nurture Sequence Email #5 sent one day after the previous email:

For your final email in this sequence, you’ll want to invite them to take a final action with you. This is when you ask them to join you for a chat to discuss your services, enroll in an online course, book a consult call, etc. At this point, you’ve built a relationship, provided value and now it’s time to close the sale… or move them closer to a sale.

Don’t forget to set expectations in this email, too. Remind them when you’ll be in touch and how often you’ll be reaching out to them. Remind them what you’ll be sending them and how they can get in touch.

Bonus tip! Don’t be afraid to make your nurture sequence interactive. Sure it’s a one-time email series you set up to go out automatically but it will feel intimate to your subscribers. Ask them questions throughout, get their input, or ask how things are going.

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