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Beautiful Minimalist Branding + WordPress Website Design

Jackie de Crinis wanted a fresh, minimalist branding and website design with plenty of white space for her growing service-based coaching business. As a sought-after coach, Jackie helps professionals reduce their stress and feel more joy in their lives.

It was vital her design and website had a calm minimalist branding vibe.

Starting with her minimalist branding, we chose a color palette that felt clean, simple, and calm. Pulling from Jackie’s brand photography for inspiration, she was left with rich greens, light grays, and a sophisticated black.

We kept the clean, simple, and calm vibes in mind when creating her minimalist logo design. We paired an elegant, casual script font for her name with a fun typewriter font for her title.

Moving onto her website design, we used her minimalist branding as inspiration for the site itself.

Jackie really wanted to focus on growing her email list through social media marketing. However, before she could begin to fully leverage the power of email marketing and social media marketing she knew she needed a polished and strategic digital presence. So we made sure to strategically design and develop her website to assist her in achieving her goals.

While she wanted to grow her list and boost her SEO, she also wanted website visitors to self-qualify themselves for her services and book a consultation.

We framed the pages with plenty of white space, clear heading, and simplified website copy.

Knowing she was going to be publishing blog posts regularly, we made sure to create a clean and straightforward blog page to organize her blog content.

We also added a Podcast page where she could showcase her podcast episodes. This not only provides a centralized location for her podcast episodes but assists her in growing her organic traffic through smart SEO strategies.

The end result was plenty of white space, a warm yet minimalist branding that was fully integrated with all the necessary tech to really elevate her service-based brand and business.

I continue to provide Jackie with ongoing website support via my Website Care Plans.

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“My brand and website is everything I envisioned. It has all of the aesthetic qualities and ease of use that I love. It gives me the opportunity to have a more sophisticated calling card.”

— Jackie D.

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