Business of Design Podcast with Kimberly Seldon

Business of Design® is the #1 trusted business training resource for design professionals around the world. Join thousands of design professionals already using their field-tested project management strategies and enjoy increased confidence, improved client retention, greater profits, and a business that thrives.

In this episode, learn the essentials that will help you turn your design portfolio (the second most visited page on your website) into a thriving marketing tool.

Wingnut Social Podcast with Darla Powell

The Wingnut Social Podcast is a business podcast for the interior design industry, adjacent verticals, and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and digital marketing pro, Darla Powell.

In this episode, learn how to know when it’s time to revamp your website.

Profit is a Choice Podcast with Michele Williams

Join Michele Williams, strategic profitability coach for the interior design industry as she interviews guests who are taking control of their business one decision at a time to increase their profits.

In this episode, we talk about the website essentials that are needed, how to tell if you have outgrown your website, and the most common portfolio mistakes that people make.

Talk Copy to Me Podcast with Erin Ollila

Talk Copy to Me is a marketing and copywriting podcast for small business owners ready to step into the spotlight and attract the perfect-for-them audience.

How do you know when it's time to make a major change to your website? This episode will help you consider the financial and time investment that goes into a website launch or rebrand and whether you should do the work in-house or onboard a pro.

The Productive Designer Podcast with Crystal Collinson

The Productive Designer podcast pulls back the covers on being an independent interior design professional. They look at what it really takes to be successful, and how your definition of success is the only one that matters. Through this podcast, they hope to educate, collaborate and support you to intentionally design your life and your interior design business.

Simplicity and strategy are essential in building your website. In this episode, join Crystal and Katie as they chat about must-haves for your interior design website.

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