An Overview of Marie Forleo’s BSchool in 2024


Take your business to the next level with Marie Forleo’s BSchool program. First taken back in 2016, it’s been monumental in the success of my business. This program is also one of the only business-building courses I’ve taken in the last 10 years. B-School taught me how to create a clear profit plan, uplevel my offerings, streamline my marketing, create a winning website, and more.

Get an insider’s look at the B-School program with this article.

Overview of Marie Forleo’s BSchool Program

The Marie Forleo’s B-School program is a comprehensive online program designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs alike start, launch, and grow successful businesses. The B-School mission is to help driven entrepreneurs create a life and business they love.

Unlike other programs, Marie provides instruction, trainings, and advice in a non-pushy, take what works, leave the rest kind of way.

Through this course, you will gain access to transformative business and marketing skills with step-by-step video tutorials, implementation worksheets, bonus trainings, mentor coaches, and more! Plus, you’ll join a thriving community of B-Schoolers to support you in turning your dreams become realities.

B-School Curriculum and Core Content Breakdown

In this program, you’ll learn all the essentials to growing a strong business. You’ll explore topics such as creating a profitable business, identifying your target audience, streamlining your offerings, leveraging marketing strategies, and more. Additionally, there are weekly Office Hours with B-School Mentor Coaches to answer your questions live and provide you with personalized feedback.

Here’s an overview of each of the core modules released throughout the duration of the program:

B-School Module 1: Profit Plan

First, you’ll get clear on your business goals, profit plan, and profitable business strategy. You’ll also uncover your ideal client and create an ideal client avatar to simplify your marketing efforts moving forward. Lastly, you’ll clarify what sets you apart from your competition and how to get paid what you’re worth.

B-School Module 2: Offerings

Next, you’ll outline your core offerings and learn how to position yourself properly to maximize your sales and profits. Whether it’s a service, product, or both, B-School will help you identify which offerings your customers are actually looking for (and eager to buy!). You’ll also gain clarity on how to price your offerings, position yourself in the market and create a loyal client base.

B-School Module 3: Marketing

Module 3 uncovers the psychology of marketing and how to help you sell more effectively. You’ll learn how to leverage authentic marketing strategies with Marie’s proven principles and guidance. Plus, you’ll learn how to properly price your products and services to increase sales and profits.

B-School Module 4: Content Strategy

Next up, you’ll learn everything you need about content marketing and how to leverage this strategy to grow your business. Marie is a huge advocate of content marketing and B-School will help you uncover a content marketing plan that’s right for you and your business.

B-School Module 5: Traffic & Audience Growth

Traffic and audience growth is a module all on its own in B-School. Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing so no business-building program would be complete without it. Here you’ll understand why email marketing remains so effective and how to leverage it for your growing business. What’s more, you’ll uncover some of the top list-building strategies you can implement in your own business.

B-School Module 6: Websites & Choosing Smart Technology

Lastly, take everything you’ve learned and transform your website into a simple, strategic, and effective marketing machine that works for you while you sleep. Here you’ll learn how to decide if you should DIY or if you’re ready to delegate out. And if you’re planning to hire a website designer, learn how to find (and hold onto) the right people.

Marie Forleo’s BSchool Advanced Training and Masterclasses

In addition to B-School’s core curriculum, you’ll receive a slew of bonus trainings and advanced masterclasses on a variety of topics. Here’s a rundown of B-School 2023 bonuses:

Start the Right Business

Perfect for those with multiple ideas and unsure which is best. With this training, you’ll learn how to identify and decide on the best business idea for you right now.

The Follow-Through Formula

Learn Marie’s proven strategies for following through with your tasks and projects. Perfect for those who find themselves signing up for plenty of online courses but never seem to finish. Implement this formula and you’re guaranteed to get all those pending to-dos checked off.

Getting Started With WordPress, Squarespace & Shopify

New to the world of websites? This training will help you uncover which website platform is right for you and your business at this time. You’ll learn the basics of the most popular platforms and how to set up a simple website all on your own.

Smart Marketing for Product-Based Businesses

B-School isn’t just for service-based businesses! With this bonus, you’ll be provided with guidance and worksheets specifically for product-based business owners.

All About Opt-ins

Learn all about lead magnets and choose the right opt-in for your website. Uncover how to decide on the best lead magnet and integrate it into your website.

PR Strategies To Make You A Business Celebrity

Ready to get featured on the best blogs, magazines, podcasts, and media outlets? Whether you’re just getting started with PR or ready to ramp up your media and press mentions, this bonus will teach you what to have in place before pitching and how to find the right outlets for you.

This list of B-School bonuses just keeps growing. In addition to the above bonuses, you’ll also receive training and masterclasses on the following:

  • How To Get Fantastic Testimonials
  • How To Grow From Six To Seven Figures
  • SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site For Search
  • How to Make Standard Operating Procedures For Your Business
  • 5 Money Mistakes That Keep Entrepreneurs From Creating Wealth
  • Tactical Tips For Public Speaking, Videos, Media Interviews & More
  • From Burnout to Burning Passion: How to Re-Energize and Refocus When You’re Feeling Spent
  • Strategies for Unstoppable Success

What Else Is Included in the B-School Program?

B-School is a comprehensive program that includes interactive courses, live group coaching calls, and bonus content from mentor coaches and Marie herself. Furthermore, you’ll have support inside each training in the discussion area dedicated to the B-School community. 

You’ll have access to downloadable worksheets, templates, and other digital resources to make implementing the strategies you learn in the program simpler. Plus, high-level contributors (B-School Mentor Coaches) provide inspiring interviews throughout the program to help propel you forward even further. B-School also gives you lifetime access so you can go back for refreshers anytime.

Does B-School Provide 1:1 Coaching?

B-School is a group learning program so Marie and the Mentor Coaches do not offer one-on-one support or training. That’s why I decided to offer one-on-one coaching via my B-School Bonus offering. So if you join alongside me you’ll not only get everything mentioned here but also the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching with me. Win-win.

Cost and Payment Options for B-School

The total cost of the 2024 B-School Summer program is $1,999 USD if you pay in full. Payment plans are also available at $199 USD per month for 12 months. At no additional cost to you, when you enroll via my affiliate link, you’ll receive the same payment options plus access to one-on-one coaching sessions at a time that’s convenient for you.

Ready to Join Marie Forleo’s BSchool?

B-School enrollment opens just once a year. It took me a few years of stalking B-School and those who enrolled. Everyone I saw succeeding seemed to be B-School alumni. I finally joined in 2016 and it was one of the best decisions I made in my business. Now as an alum and affiliate, I take it again and again year after year.

Read my honest review and personal success story with Marie Forleo’s B-School here.

If you’ve read through this article and are ready to learn how to start or grow a business, get solid online marketing advice, and find success with the help of Marie Forleo, B-School Mentor Coaches, and me… we’d love to have you. Join here.

About Katie O'Brien

About Katie O'Brien

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