Marie Forleo BSchool Bonus:

Join Katie O'Brien, a seasoned brand & web designer, for B-School Summer 2024

Looking for a 2024 B-School Bonus for Marie Forleo’s B-School that includes one-on-one support and a review of your website? You’re in the right place.

Welcome! I’m Katie O’Brien, a certified professional coach turned brand and website designer. I graduated B-School in 2016 and attribute a huge amount of my success to Marie Forleo’s B-School course.

Today, aside from running a successful brand and website design business, I give back to the B-School community through one-on-one support and website reviews for new students who join alongside me.

A Simple & Straightforward B-School Bonus Suite with Individualized Support & Attention

Bonus #1

Brand & Website Review

Receive an insightful review of your visual brand and website. Discover practical strategies to enhance your brand presence, attract your target audience, and improve your website's effectiveness.

Bonus #2

Website SEO Analysis

Also included is an in-depth SEO analysis of your website, where you can uncover opportunities to boost your website's ranking. I'll review your current status and provide tailored suggestions for improvements.

Bonus #3

One-on-One Zoom Call

As a final bonus, you'll get a follow-up Zoom call where we can address any questions you have about the brand and website review, the SEO analysis, or any other aspects you want to discuss further.

Your BSchool Bonus Partner

Hey there, I'm Katie O’Brien, a brand and website designer, certified coach, natural problem solver, wife, mom, entrepreneur, follower of Jesus and so much more...

After running a successful coaching business, I discovered my passion and superpower: designing elevated brands and fuss-free WordPress websites. Since my pivot in 2016, with the help of B-School, I’ve crafted hundreds of strategic, beautiful websites that elevate businesses to the next level. My organized process and long-term care plans ensure each client receives personalized attention and exceptional service.

During B-School season, I carve out time in my schedule to offer support and guidance to new students as they navigate the program and embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

I'm based in Charles Town, West Virginia, where I live with my husband and our two children. When I'm not at my desk, you can usually find me homeschooling my kiddos, shuttling them around town, or catching a quiet moment on the patio.

Read more of my B-School Story.

Marie Forleo BSchool Program on iPad Mockup

Marie Forleo's B-School: What It Is & How It Can Help You

Marie Forleo's B-School is a 6-week interactive online business program designed to help entrepreneurs build a successful business. This program focuses on helping participants create a profitable business around their unique passions and strengths.

In a nutshell, everything you wanted to know about running a successful business can be found inside of Marie Forleo’s B-School. The program provides you with access to a wide range of resources, including live group coaching calls, bonus trainings, worksheets, videos, and more!

Here's a breakdown of what you'll find inside Marie Forleo’s B-School:

Module 1: Profit Plan

Optimize profits with a strategic approach, focusing on customer desires, critical business decisions, and effective market positioning without lowering prices.

Module 2: Offerings

Create irresistible offers that turn your passion into profit, convert visitors into loyal customers, and enable premium pricing with proven strategies.

Module 3: Marketing

Boost sales effortlessly with advanced marketing strategies, quick customer fixes, and simple pricing tricks, all while maintaining a high level of integrity.

Module 4: Content Marketing

Generate sales effortlessly with content marketing by using existing content, a proven email framework, and strategies to stay relevant without constant creation.

Module 5: Audience Growth

Grow your audience without ads by mastering email marketing, connecting with influencers, tapping into untapped buyers, and using top list-building strategies.

Module 6: Websites & Tech

Transform your website into a high-converting sales machine without tech skills, saving money and skyrocketing conversions regardless of your expertise or budget.

Advanced Trainings

Unlock a range of trainings covering business clarity, productivity, marketing, website setup, SEO, financial habits, public speaking, and personal growth.

Office Hours with Marie

Get personalized support, ask questions, receive expert advice, and gain invaluable insights from during B-School’s exclusive office hours sessions.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy the flexibility to revisit materials, resources, and recordings at your own pace, ensuring you can continue learning and reinforcing your knowledge whenever needed.

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How to Get Started

Click any of the signup buttons on this page to enroll. B-School tracks the last link clicked before signing up. Doing so will ensure you receive my bonuses.

Dive into B-School. When the live course kicks off you'll have plenty to do. Dive in full force, attend office hours, and participate all out.

Watch your email. I'll email you within 1-2 weeks of the course start date with all of the details on how to redeem your bonuses with me. You'll be asked to complete a request form so I have all the details I need before I can perform your brand and website review and SEO analysis report.

Submit the website review and SEO request forms. After submitting, you'll receive a link to review your bonuses within 2 weeks of submitting the required details.

Wrap it all up with your personalized Zoom call. We'll hop on a Zoom to go answer any outstanding questions you have.

All bonuses must be redeemed within 6 months from the start of B-School.

Frequently Asked Questions About B-School

B-School Alumni: What Others Are Saying About My Bonuses

marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-nic bonham

Nic Bonham

“I wasn’t sure if B School was going to be just another programme that wouldn’t work for my business. I did check out other bonus offers, this one seemed the best fit. I wanted some support one to one alongside the programme. Plus I felt called by her online presence and felt that she would be able to support. I feel clearer on my offer and more confident in putting it out there. I feel more motivated and hopeful for the future of my business. As a result of B-School and working with Katie, I feel reassured I’m on the right track. I appreciated someone to check out my ideas with and the flexible nature of the offer, I had my sessions right at the end of the available window. It was really helpful, especially with so much learning, it was good to have a one to one connection. This experience was empowering and motivating. It was also fun and relaxed, she was flexible in meeting my needs and I enjoyed working with her.”

Nic Bonham
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-clara stacko

Clara Stacko

“I appreciate Katie sharing her business wisdom with me. I’ve learned a lot. I really liked Katie’s willingness to answer my questions and just how easy it was to connect with her. I feel I’m steps ahead of others in the knowledge of how to go about this new business venture.”

Clara Stacko
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-brenda mailer

Brenda Mailer

“Katie’s knowledge, expertise, and approachable demeanor make her an incredible asset. I really enjoyed the one-on-one time where we could focus together on my challenges. She was very honest and approachable. Today, I feel more confident in my business marketing actions and am much more engaged in it. Katie’s review of my website was so helpful! She had some great suggestions that I implemented right away. I was second-guessing some of my own ideas but her feedback helped me stand in alignment with them.”

Brenda Mailer
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-krista spence

Krista Spence

“Katie helped me to gain clarity about my ideal client, how to tell my story, and identify my brand. She understands the business of coaching so I knew she would speak my language. She helped me to think strategically about my business, my brand, my marketing, and my ideal client. I felt totally comfortable being myself and expressing my thoughts and feelings with her.”

Krista Spence
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-paula marsteller

Paula Marsteller

“Katie helped me put Marie’s ideas into action. She was an answer to a prayer. My experience working with Katie was far better than I’d dared dream. Even after B-School, I didn’t know what my offering should be or who my audience should be. She helped me immensely. She listened well, answered my questions on the fly with decisive wisdom and expertise. I have a more “can do” attitude and I’m not as afraid to ask for the money I’m worth.”

Paula Marsteller
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-chywnyn vaughan

Chwynyn Vaughan

“Katie let me choose where I needed to go deeper and then gave me everything I needed to fill in the gaps I was left with after the main B-School lessons. Today, I have a concrete plan. Before enrolling in B-School I was aware that I was going to have to be really brave in order to market in a way that works. I’m more brave since beginning B-School. I also have a greater understanding of marketing in general.

Katie reviewed my website and shared knowledgeable input on how to make it better. She also provided amazing SEO advice. She looked at what my site needs to get better SEO rating. She helped me so much. She was the icing on top of B-School and I’m getting far more out of B-School with you than I would have without her. She was kind and honest. I’m really grateful to Katie. B-School is fantastic. She made it even better and hopefully more profitable. I think she helped me become more confident in my future success, too.”

Chwynyn Vaughan
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-cristina font

Cristina Font

“I can already see how much value B-School is going to bring to myself and my business. I loved working with Katie!! It was great getting to know her, chatting about business and our journeys. I received extra advice, encouragement and support.”

Cristina Font
marie-forleo-bschool-bonus-testimonial-miranda lee

Miranda Lee

“B-School was an excellent program. The only hesitation was the price… but today I feel more empowered, confident and have specific next steps. I’m much more strategic in my business. I enrolled with Katie because I wanted the additional support. I appreciated having access to someone a few steps ahead in my business journey to guide me and to give me confidence that I can do it too!”

Miranda Lee

Please note: I’m a proud B-School affiliate partner.

As an affiliate partner for this program, when you sign up using my link I will earn a commission at no additional expense to you. As a special thank you, I'm able to offer a high-value bonus offering such as brand and website review, SEO analysis report and one-on-one Zoom calls. My sincere hope is you will love this program as much as I do.