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B-School is a 6-week interactive, online program for big-hearted business owners who want to grow their online business to new heights.

Marie Forleo will walk you through the most effective strategies and practical steps for launching, marketing, and growing a business you love.

Plus! As a proud B-School Affiliate Partner, when you join Marie Forleo's B-School 2021 through me, you'll also get bonus personalized support and one-on-one coaching.

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My B-School Story

I launched my first business in 2011 and figured things out as I went. It was a pretty slow start but after a few years things picked up and I loved what I was doing.

I was a Certified Professional Coach helping entrepreneurs simplify their life and business.

But when baby number 2 (pictured) arrived... I couldn't seem to find my groove. Staying home with a 2-year-old, a newborn, and running a business was no easy feat.

So I nearly quit.

Marie Forleo B-School Bonus with Coaching, Web Designer Affiliate Partner

But then Marie Forleo's B-School rolled around and rather than giving up on my entrepreneurship dreams, I decided to pivot instead of quit.

In January 2016, I decided to transition my services from coaching to website design. During this time, I also signed up for Marie Forleo's B-School.

I knew a lot about running an online business already but wanted her expertise and knowledge on laying a strong foundation.

B-School gave me the tools and know-how to launch and grow a new business that fit around my life (kiddos and all).

By May 2016, I was booked solid with a growing waitlist of clients. My income continued to grow and my husband was finally able to quit his side-gig and no longer needed to sign up for overtime.

Life after B-School

In 2021, my business remains strong and steady.

My kiddos are certainly not babies anymore but mom-life can still be quite demanding. Between school drop-offs, sports practice, summer camps, playdates, and more I couldn't imagine not having this freedom in my daily schedule.

Not to mention, I'm passionate about my work and find myself excited to get started each morning. I get to work with amazing clients who value and respect my time, work, and expertise. And financially, I've been able to slay some major financial goals.

I'll be forever grateful for Marie Forleo's B-School and the business her program helped me build.

Please note, I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content and will earn a referral fee if you end up purchasing the program through my link.