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marie forleo's B-SCHOOL 2020

Your one-stop-shop to running and growing your online business. Plus, some amazing bonuses with 1-1 support to rock your B-School experience.

Marie Forleo B-School Bonus


The doors are now open for Marie Forleo's B-School but only until February 28th.

B-School has granted me the tools + know-how to build a business I love, and in return, help my clients do the same.

With an average profit margin of over 60%, B-School has taught me how to grow year after year. Keeping things simple, focused on strategy and service, my business continues to grant me the freedom I was craving in my life.

Read my full review and personal story here.

But first, what is B-School?

B-School, founded and ran by Marie Forleo, is an 8-week online learning program for big-hearted creatives who want to build a meaningful, profitable business. My favorite part? Lifetime access and the growing community of tens of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.

B-School's core curriculum includes:

Katie O'Brien B-School Bonus with Coaching
  • Module 1: Clarify Your Profit Plan

    Ensure your business is set up for long term success with a solid profit plan. Get clear on your ideal client and learn how to finally speak their language in all your offerings.

  • Module 2: Create a Website That Converts

    Learn the basics of how to create (and maintain) websites that sell 24/7. Whether your WordPress, SquareSpace or completely lost... this module will simplify the world of websites.

  • Module 3: Design Your Content & Communication Plan

    Design a strategic communication plan that works for you and your business to consistently connect with your audience. Learn how to deliver consistent, high-value content they actually care about.

  • Module 4: Nurture & Grow Your Email List

    Discover how to strategically grow your list filled with your ideal audience... those who are ready to buy.

  • Module 5: Deliver Products & Services That Clients Love

    Refine your offerings so they sell themselves. Eliminate any aspect of competition and deliver the highest level experience for each of your clients.

  • Module 6: Timeless Marketing For Modern Entrepreneurs

    Learn proven, simple (yet effective) strategies for marketing for your online business.

A new module released each week with two weeks reserved for implementation so you don't feel rushed. Each week additional training videos and bonus materials are released alongside the core curriculum allowing you to dive even deeper.

B-School provides lifetime access so you can chug along at your own pace that works best for your schedule. I went through B-School in 2016 at full speed, completing every video, every fun sheet, and every bonus training. Since then, each year I revisit the material but at my own pace.

Want to take a deeper dive into the program? Check out my personal deep dive here and learn why I continue to go through the material year after year. Marie also provides a full program tour and overview, visit her program tour at the button below:


I have recommended Marie Forleo's B-School to anyone and every one long before I was an Affiliate Partner. But now that I'm on the inside circle of her affiliate partners, I get to work closely with new B-Schoolers, just like you, through my dreamy suite of bonuses. After enrolling shoot me an email at ko@katieobrien.com to let me know you're in!

Website (+ Brand) Review*

B-School provides an excellent module on Websites but you might be left wondering what to implement first. I'll take a deep dive into your existing website and provide you with a simple action plan moving forward. Good-bye, tech-overwhelm!

Mid-point Consult Call

The B-School support, mentors, and community are amazing... but you want a little more 1-1 support. As a B-School alum, Certified Coach, Web Designer + successful business owner, I’ll be there to guide you through to the finish.

Bring-it-in Consult Call

Once you’ve gone through each module, bring it all in during this final consult call at the end of B-School. Together we’ll make sense of all your thoughts, organize your action plan moving forward and get all of your final questions answered.

Two Live Q&A Sessions

This final bonus will bring us together as a group at the end of B-School for 2 live Q&A sessions. Pick my brain, gain clarity and learn from others during these live interactive sessions.

*Don't have a website yet? Not a problem! You can sub this bonus for a 1-1 call after you complete the Website Module in Week 2 of B-School.

Wonder if these might be the best B-School Bonus offering for you?

First off, let me just start off by saying the best part about B-School is, well, B-School itself. The vast amount of bonuses offered by some of the top online entrepreneurs in the world... they're just icing on the cake.

B-School alone transforms businesses.

As an affiliate partner, I wanted to offer a bonus suite that complimented the program itself. I didn't want to add extra work or another online course... but rather provide some high-value, high-touch support that could only enhance your B-School experience.

These bonuses will help you complete the program. And everyone I've ever known who has completed the program saw a massive transformation in their business.

If you're committed to investing in yourself and want to see results, it's important that you actually do the work. I'm here to help you do just that.

Here's a rundown on each of the bonuses you'll receive when you sign up via my link:

  • Bonus One: Website (+ Brand) Review

    After completing the Website Module on Week 2, you're bound to have some questions. Before diving into your website review, I'll send you over a form to complete. Here you'll be able to ask any specific questions that I'll answer during your recorded deep dive. I'll comb through your existing website (and online presence) sharing feedback, suggestions, and strategies for you to focus on first.

    During this recording, I'll not only cover your website but your overall brand cohesiveness and social media presence.

    Don't have a website yet? Not a problem! You can sub this bonus for a 1-1 call after you complete the Website Module in Week 2 of B-School.

  • Bonus Two: Mid-point Consult Call

    It's easy to get excited when diving into something brand new. But what happens when life gets busy and the excitement wears off? Well, it's all too easy to put something like a lifetime-access-online-course on the backburner for a while. But that 'while' turns into 'forever' for too many.

    This mid-point consult call will not only serve as accountability for you but help you through any of the material you might be feeling stuck on.

    This bonus provides you with the individualized opportunity to get the support you need. We'll meet via a Zoom Video for this call for a full 60 minutes. Prior to our call, I'll send you over a short prep form to help you gather your thoughts and get the most out of our time together.

  • Bonus Three: Bring-it-in Consult Call

    Bonus three is all about finishing strong! You're going to have some big ideas come graduation day... but then what? This consult call is where we'll get crystal clear on your business goals (both immediate and long term) and devise a plan for you moving forward.

    This 60-minute call will help you prioritize the right things in the right order helping you to take strategic action moving forward. Not just at the end of B-School but for years to come.

    Plus, I understand –life– so you'll have until a full month after the end of B-School to schedule your call.

  • Bonus Four: 2 Group Q&A Sessions

    My final bonus brings us together after the end of B-School for accountability, check-ins, answers to any pending questions and a bit of group coaching to finish strong. After B-School ends we'll come together for 2 intimate group coaching calls in May and June.

    If you can't make one of the calls, no worries! You'll still have the opportunity to submit any questions for that month's call and then catch the replay when you're able.

Katie O'Brien Best Bonuses for BSchool

You in? Let's do this!

Enrollment is only open through February 28th. Click the button below to enroll today and receive all of the bonuses listed above. After enrolling, email me here to let me know you're in!


Assuming you're all in (woohoo!) here's how to get started.


Click the button below to enroll in Marie Forleo's B-School.


Click the button below to send me an email at ko@katieobrien.com letting me know you're all in.


I'll confirm your enrollment and send you over an official welcome email. You'll then receive all the details on how to schedule your website review, 1-1 calls and more!


Have some questions about B-School? I'd be happy to set up a quick 15-minute chat. Enter your name and email below and I'll send you a link to my calendar to book a call.

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What is B-School?

B-School, founded + ran by Marie Forleo, is an 8-week online learning program for big-hearted creatives who want to build a meaningful, profitable business. There are six core Modules in the B-School curriculum, and they release one Module per week. Each Module contains 4-6 individual video lessons plus corresponding Fun Sheets (growth assignments and handouts) to help you integrate and apply to your business.

What does B-School cover specifically?

The six core learning modules include:
  • Module 1: Clarify Your Profit Plan
  • Module 2: Create a Website That Converts
  • Module 3: Design Your Content + Communication Plan
  • Module 4: Nurture + Grow Your Email List
  • Module 5: Deliver Products + Services That Customer Love
  • Module 6: Timeless Marketing For Modern Entrepreneurs

You’ll also get a comprehensive library of advanced trainings and masterclasses to develop additional skills for growing a business that matters.


Who is Marie Forleo?

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie Forleo has created a socially conscious digital empire that inspires millions. She’s the star of the award-winning show MarieTV, with over 50 million views, and host of The Marie Forleo Podcast, with nearly ten million downloads. Marie has taught entrepreneurs, artists, and multipassionate go-getters from all walks of life how to dream big and back it up with daily action to create results. She runs the acclaimed business training program, B-School and the writing program, The Copy Cure. Her #1 New York Times bestselling book, Everything is Figureoutable is available now. 


Who is Katie O'Brien?

Katie O'Brien (that's me!) is a web designer and brand strategist for professional coaches and consultants. Katie always starts with strategy, has an obsession with organization and makes it a breeze for her clients to get the modernized website they deserve. In 2013, she received her coaching certification from the ICF-accredited Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). And in 2016, she transitioned from professional coaching to web design + brand strategy for coaches. Katie lives in West Virginia (U.S.) with her husband, two young children, and their spunky Pit-mix dog, Makk.

When can I register for B-School?

Enrollment opens just once a year. This year the cart opens February 13th and closes February 28th at 7PM EST.

When does B-School begin?

The live program is 8 weeks and runs March 2nd - April 24th, 2020.

However, you'll have lifetime access to the training and course portal. I recommend going through each week as the modules are released but the material will always be there for you if you need to slow it down a bit.

How much is B-School?

$1,999 (and well worth it!). Payment plans are available. I paid in full and made enough money to cover that cost 7-fold within just 3 months of starting B-School.

When will I receive my bonuses from you?

I'll contact you via email as soon as the B-School cart closes with details on how to get started and how to get the most out of the program and your bonuses with me. I want you to dive right in that first week of B-School with zero distractions so we'll reserve our first call for after Week 2 concludes.

All bonuses must be redeemed by June 30th, 2020.

How long do I have to redeem my bonuses?

I want you to dive right in that first week of B-School with zero distractions so we'll reserve our first call for after Week 2 concludes. After Mar 16th you'll have until June 30th, 2020 to redeem your website review and schedule your 1-1s.

All bonuses must be redeemed by June 30th, 2020.

Do I also get Marie's bonuses?

All of my bonuses are in addition to the amazing bonus trainings that are offered as a part of the B-School program. You get it all. Their bonus trainings include:

  • Start the Right Business
  • The Follow-up Formula
  • Timeless Social Media Strategies That Work
  • How to Get Fantastic Testimonials
  • SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site
  • How to Grow from 6 to 7 Figures
  • Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity
  • PR Strategies to Skyrocket Your Visibility
  • How to Grow Your List at Hyper Speed
  • All About Opt-ins
  • Smart Marketing for Product-Based Businesses
  • Set Up Your Metrics + Analytics
  • Get Started with WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify
  • and more!

Do you have a private Facebook group?

Every year Marie and her team create a private Facebook group for new members of B-School. THAT is the Facebook group you want to be in. I want to encourage you to be involved, ask questions and dive deep into the full B-School community. Trust me, you won't need another Facebook group.

Once B-School is over all new B-Schoolers from this year will then be transitioned into the larger B-Schoolers' Facebook group alongside all the alumni from the previous years.

Important Notice

I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content and will earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link. In order to receive the bonuses listed above, you must purchase via my affiliate link.
All bonuses must be scheduled and redeemed by June 30, 2020.

Web Design Testimonial - Karen Powell

"Katie is a joy to work with. She's smart, dependable, clear, professional, very efficient and organized... she knows what she's doing and is just a lovely person!"

–Karen Powell, Creativity Coach

Web Design Testimonial - Harriette Schumacher

“I need more women like her in my corner. Working with Katie is a dream, she gets me and her design is so visually stunning - over and over again. I also trust her to give me great advice."

–Harriette Schumacher, Executive Coach + Leadership Development Expert

Web Design Testimonial - Stacy Dorius

"Katie has a warm, inviting professionalism that comes packaged with the expertise. From start to finish I felt heard, understood and supported."

–Stacy Dorius, Energy Coach

Web Design Testimonial - Joseph Michelli

"Katie is extremely easy to work with. She brings her creative vision to the table plus strong attention to detail so we knew we were in good hands."

–Joseph Michelli, PH.D., Best-Selling Author, Speaker + Business Consultant

Web Design Testimonial - Betty Kempa

“Katie was super organized, patient and always solution-oriented. I appreciated her suggestions and guidance, as I did look to her as an expert."

–Betty Kempa, CPC, ELI-MP, Executive Career Coach

Web Design Testimonial - Evelyn Rennich

"Katie is professional, prompt, and skilled at showcasing the true heart of a brand. Katie offered the perfect combination of professional and friendly."

–Evelyn Rennich, Speaker + Blogger


Enrollment to B-School opens just once a year. The doors are now open for B-School 2020 through February 28th. After enrolling send me an email at ko@katieobrien.com to let me know you're in + get all the bonus details. Woohoo! Let's do this!