Looking Back: My Personal Review of Marie Forleo’s B-School


Marie Forleo’s B-School isn’t just a program—it’s been a pivotal journey of transformation for me, shaping my path to a thriving web designer. Here’s my Marie Forleo BSchool review and story of how B-School impacted my life and business in profound ways.

My Journey with Marie Forleo’s B-School

In early 2016, I found myself at a crossroads. As a certified coach, I had started my coaching business years earlier to help mom entrepreneurs simplify their lives and businesses. But staying home with a toddler and a newborn, alongside my husband’s demanding job in law enforcement, I realized balancing my business aspirations with family life was becoming increasingly challenging.

After much searching, I decided to pivot my career to become a WordPress Virtual Assistant. While I had the technical skills required, I lacked a streamlined process to effectively launch and market this new business venture.

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Discovering B-School

I had followed Marie Forleo for years and was a regular viewer of her MarieTV episodes. I had always been intrigued by B-School and knew that now was the perfect time to join. Despite not having any income generated yet, I viewed B-School as a strategic investment in my future. Taking a leap of faith, I put the enrollment fee on a credit card, confident that the program would offer the guidance needed to make my investment back and then some.

The Impact of B-School

From the moment I joined B-School, I felt supported by a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The structured curriculum was exactly what I needed, guiding me through crucial aspects like gaining profit clarity, learning smart sales systems, and effective marketing strategies, all tailored to my new business venture and designed to accelerate my growth from the ground up.

Balancing the demands of caring for young children during the day, I dedicated late nights and early mornings to absorbing the course materials and implementing the strategies taught by Marie and her team. The community support and ongoing mentorship were invaluable as I navigated the complexities of growing my business.

Results and Personal Growth

While the initial months in B-School didn’t bring immediate financial gains, the insights and strategies began to pay off steadily. By diligently applying what I learned, I started seeing tangible results sooner than expected. I course began in February and by May, I had generated enough income that covered the initial cost of the program sevenfold. But this achievement wasn’t just about financial success; it was a testament to the transformative power of B-School in equipping me with the skills and mindset to thrive in the competitive world of WordPress services.

The confidence I gained through B-School empowered me to make bold decisions that propelled my business forward. Armed with newfound knowledge and a thriving client base, I confidently pivoted my services to specialize exclusively in WordPress web design. This strategic shift not only aligned with my passion and strengths but also positioned me as an expert in a niche market, further accelerating my business growth and solidifying my reputation within the industry.

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Beyond financial success, B-School enriched my personal growth journey. It instilled a sense of resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit that continues to shape my professional endeavors. Each success and milestone reinforced my belief in the value of investing in education and community support, affirming that B-School was not just an expense but a pivotal investment in my future.

As I reflect on my journey, I am so grateful for the guidance and resources provided by B-School. It was more than a program; it was a catalyst for transformation, enabling me to achieve unprecedented success and set the stage for continued growth and innovation in my business.

Beyond Business Success

B-School transformed more than just my business skills; it changed my life. Achieving financial stability and flexibility through the program meant I could support my family while being there for every milestone and challenge. My husband was able to quit his second job, and I could contribute to our household income, which even provided the freedom to homeschool our children years later.

Looking back, B-School remains pivotal in shaping my path. It taught me to embrace challenges as growth opportunities and to lead with purpose. With its support, I’ve crafted a life where entrepreneurship and personal fulfillment harmoniously coexist, reaffirming that dedication and the right mindset can achieve anything.

Life After B-School

Today, my thriving global business specializes in WordPress web design services, reflecting my passion and expertise. I’ve expanded my client base and impact, collaborating with diverse interior designers and other entrepreneurs who resonate with my values.

The flexibility B-School provided is invaluable. It enables me to prioritize my family while pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams—a freedom I once only dreamed of. Balancing work and family life has not only enriched my personal journey but also deepened my commitment to delivering exceptional service and results for my clients.

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B-School’s lifetime access has been crucial. It allows me to return whenever I face new challenges or need guidance through pivots in my business. This ongoing support ensures that I continue to evolve and innovate, staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Reflecting on my journey since B-School, I’m grateful for the growth and opportunities it has brought. It continues to guide my entrepreneurial path, reinforcing the belief that with dedication and the right support, both personal fulfillment and professional success are achievable.

Why I Recommend Marie Forleo BSchool

If you’re considering B-School, I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone ready to grow their business. The program offers a robust curriculum that covers essential business strategies, complemented by a nurturing community and invaluable mentorship. Whether you’re launching a new venture or aiming to elevate your current business, B-School provides a structured framework that instills both the practical tools and the confidence needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

I hope this Marie Forleo BSchool review was helpful in making a thoughtful decision.

I personally found B-School transformative, not only for refining my business but also for fostering a mindset of continuous growth and innovation. The comprehensive resources and lifetime access to the program mean you can return whenever you need to recalibrate strategies or explore new opportunities, ensuring your business remains agile and forward-thinking. From profit clarity to effective marketing and beyond, B-School empowers you to navigate challenges with clarity and purpose, supported by a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share your passion for success.

If you’re ready to commit to your entrepreneurial journey and embrace the guidance of seasoned mentors and peers, B-School might be the catalyst you’ve been seeking. It’s more than an educational program; it’s a transformative experience that equips you not only to succeed but to thrive in your life and business. And, I hope this Marie Forleo BSchool review was helpful in making a thoughtful decision.

Join Me for the Next Round of B-School

Ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey? Join me for the upcoming round of B-School and unlock exclusive bonuses like a thorough website review, personalized SEO analysis, and dedicated coaching support. Together, we’ll navigate B-School’s structured curriculum, gaining essential tools and strategies to grow your business. 

Marie Forleo BSchool Review: Conclusion

Marie Forleo’s B-School is more than just an online course—it’s a transformative journey of personal growth and entrepreneurial empowerment. It provided me with the essential tools, a supportive community, and the mindset needed to navigate the challenges of building a successful online business while balancing family life.

If my journey and review resonate with you and you’re ready to elevate your business, I invite you to join me for the next round of B-School. I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Let’s embark on this journey together and achieve the success you deserve.

About Katie O'Brien

About Katie O'Brien

As a seasoned brand and website designer, Katie O'Brien brings simplicity to business growth and peace of mind to daily life. She specializes in clean and simple websites, working closely with interior designers to elevate their digital presence with poise and personality.

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