Thinking About Marie Forleo’s B-School? Here’s My Review

Marie Forleo’s B-School offers an online program for entrepreneurs looking to take their business and life goals to the next level. But is it the right fit for you? This is my personal review covering all of the details, so you can make an informed decision about joining Marie Forleo’s B-school.

Overview of B-School

Marie Forleo’s B-School is a online program designed to kick start and accelerate your success. It equips you with the tools, resources, and strategies you need to move your business forward while providing personalized support along the way. 

The program is divided into modules that cover topics like profit clarity, creating effective marketing plans, building and nurturing relationships with customers, finding financial freedom, and setting yourself up for success.

In addition to the B-School core content, you’ll be connected with dedicated business coaches providing bonus training in their areas of expertise. Plus, you’ll receive bonus masterclasses, advanced trainings, live group coaching with Marie Forleo herself, and lifetime access.

What You Get With Marie Forleo’s B-School Program

Marie Forleo’s B-School comes with a library of practical tools and tips that you will use every day in your business. You get access to over 50 interactive video lessons, downloadable worksheets, masterclasses from leading entrepreneurs, demo calls from expert coaches and mentors, and an online community of like-minded business owners for support and accountability.

The program is designed to save you time by helping you implement strategies more quickly and effectively.

When I launched my website design business, this was the perfect investment for me to set a solid foundation for my business. I couldn’t have asked for a better course and community to help catapult the success of my business.

Pros & Cons Of B-School

B-School is an investment, so it’s important to consider the pros and cons before joining. On the plus side, B-School offers a comprehensive program with everything you need to scale your business. 

You get access to step-by-step tools and lessons that can be implemented quickly and easily. You’ll benefit from experienced mentors who can provide guidance in areas where you need help. And the online community gives you the support of peers who understand what it takes to succeed in business.

The only two cons I can think of when it comes to B-School is the investment and learning style. B-School is an investment, especially if finances are tight. However, coming from someone who is highly budget conscious I’ve never regretted this investment. It’s paid for itself time and time again.

Additionally, as with any online course, some people might find that self-paced learning isn’t ideal for them and would prefer a more traditional instructional format. But how else could Marie touch so many lives?

With that said, if you wanted to work through this program with the support of your own personal coach, check out my B-School bonus offering (at no extra charge to you!) when you enroll alongside me.

Is B-School Right For You?

Before you join B-School, it’s important to evaluate if it is the right program for you. Every business owner’s goals and resources are different. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do I have the financial means to invest in this course? 
  • Do I have the time and commitment to take advantage of the program? 
  • Can I set realistic goals with clear milestones and deadlines? 
  • And, most importantly, am I willing to put in the work required to get results from B-School? 

If you can honestly answer yes to all of these questions, then B-School may be a great fit for your entrepreneurial journey.

Shot of Marie Forleo for my BSchool review post

My Marie Forleo’s B-School Review (+ Success Story)

Thousands of entrepreneurs have completed Marie Forleo’s B-School and have seen success. With an incredibly vibrant community and Marie’s commitment to personalized support, many graduates make huge strides in their lives and businesses. 

From launching new products, landing major clients, or getting consistent press coverage, many people who took the leap and joined B-School have achieved the results they sought – or even exceeded them. 

Here’s an inside peek into my B-School review & success story:

In January 2016, life was chaotic. I had a lot of ideas ping-ponging in my head as I dreamt of the future.

I was a stay-at-home mom with a dream of starting a new business. At the time, my baby boy was glued to me most of the day as I chased after my toddler.

The plan was… months earlier… I would return from my entrepreneurial maternity leave and dive back into my coaching business. I was a Certified Professional Coach working with successful mom entrepreneurs, helping them simplify their life and business.

But seeing how we just moved to a new state, in a new house with an adjusting toddler and sleepless baby the ride got a little wild. Add in a husband in law enforcement who worked long hours, I was in desperate need of a coach.

In 2011, I opened the doors to my coaching business with a plan to stay home with my one-day kids.

When my daughter was born in 2013, I quit my 9-5. My primary focus became my coaching business and raising her. It was bumpy at first, but things eventually fell together.

But after my son was born in 2015… I realized that everything running a business and raising a family was going to be a lot harder to balance than I originally thought.

After much thought, I decided my dream of running my coaching business online while staying home with the children was just too much to handle. I emailed my client list letting them know I wouldn’t be returning to my business until after my children were in school full-time.

Talk about feeling defeated.

I kept thinking to myself, “There has to be a way….” I just couldn’t seem to quiet that entrepreneurial voice inside.

So I began my search for a business I could more easily run alongside staying home with the kiddos.

It was at this time that I stumbled upon the world of Virtual Assistants and decided I’d become a WordPress Virtual Assistant, helping fellow entrepreneurs with their tech needs. And while I had the skills, I had no idea how to market myself in this new field.

I decided if I was going to invest my time and energy into this new business venture, I was going to do it “right” from the get-go.

During this time, Marie Forleo’s B-School launch was coming up.

Not having made any money yet from this new business (seeing how I launched just 2 weeks prior) I put B-School on a credit card… hoping I could get it paid off by the time the 0% interest rate promo ended.

After joining B-School, I committed to setting aside time each week to complete the new module released that week. In addition, I committed to completing every exercise and worksheet while taking in all the applicable suggestions.

I gave it my all.

Now, remember, I was still at home with my 2-year-old and 6-month-old. But, even so, I made the time.

There were many late nights. Many ‘work’ sessions on the stationary bike at the gym. And lots of hard work.

stay at home mom shares marie forleo's bschool review and success story

As soon as they released the first module I dove right in. We started digging deep and laying the foundation of my new business. Next up was all about websites, then establishing a strategic communication plan, making list building a priority, smart marketing, and more.

I applied every applicable strategy and suggested systems for my new business. While remaining active in the community, regularly bounced ideas off fellow entrepreneurs who were growing right alongside me.

That first month, I’ll admit, I didn’t make any money in my business. But, since then, I have yet to have another zero-income month.

By the end of April, I had made more than enough to cover the cost of the program. And in May alone, I made over 5 times what I originally spent on this program.

Also in May, I made the decision to pivot my services from WordPress Virtual Assistant services to WordPress Web Design services. And have been offering them ever since.

Aside from financial success, B-School gave me so much more.

Looking back, the B-School community was likely one of the most valuable assets of the program. Thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs going through the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Both brand-new and highly seasoned entrepreneurs.

B-School wasn’t just for the stay-at-home mom looking for a side gig. It was for anybody that wanted to learn how to use online marketing to refine, polish, and grow their business online.

And then there were the live group coaching calls which were instrumental.

Oh, and who could forget the bonus material that continued to overdeliver long after the program ended?

Like I had said before, I knew a lot about the basics of running an online business already. After all, I had already launched a coaching business the years prior. I had even gone through a very similar online training program from one of the world’s most recognized entrepreneurial coaches a few years prior.

But nothing came close to the value Marie offered through this program.

Today, my life and business are incredibly different.

It’s better than I could have ever imagined. My business continues to grow and evolve in dreamy ways. I get the joy of serving clients scattered all over the globe, many of them fellow B-Schoolers.

I do work that I love, that fuels me. And get compensated well.

While my kiddos are now in school full time, I have the freedom and flexibility to pick them up from school, be there for them when they’re sick, or spontaneously take a day off to join them for snow days.

Marie Forleo B-School Review and How it Changed My Life Forever, from stay at home mom to website designer

And my husband, who was already working long hours as a law enforcement officer could officially quit his second job. He also now has the freedom to turn down overtime assignments. Aside from that, we have the absolute pleasure of connecting over lunch now more than ever.

Being a successful online business owner, to me, means writing your own rules and using your God-given gifts to serve others.

Marie Forleo and her B-School program over-delivered on their promise to help online business owners turn their businesses into a force for good that fuels higher profits alongside their higher purpose.

I wholeheartedly recommend B-School to every online entrepreneur. From new entrepreneurs who are just getting started to those that are ready to make a bigger impact online.

As a seasoned brand and website designer, Katie O'Brien strives to bring simplicity to business growth and peace of mind to daily life. Specializing in timeless brands and impactful websites, she works with interior design and service-led businesses elevating their digital homes with poise and personality.

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