How to Find Inspiration For Your New Interior Design Website

When it comes time for a new interior design website one of the first steps you should take is gathering inspiration. Gathering inspiration will help you clearly identify your style and vibe before taking any action on the website design itself.

As a website designer for interior designers, I walk my design clients through gathering inspiration for their new brand and website as a part of their prep work. This coupled with a strategy session ensures I nail the design from the get-go.

Today I’ll walk you through how to find inspiration for your new interior design website:

While there are plenty of resources available to find inspiration for your new brand, Pinterest is my go-to. Not only is there a wide variety of styles and designs, but it also includes recommendations based on your activity.

Step 1 :: Create a new Pinterest board.

Even if you already have a Pinterest board for inspiration, I recommend going through this process with a blank slate. So go ahead and create a new board and title it something along the lines of New Website Inspiration.

Step 2 :: Begin searching and pinning everything you love.

I promise we’ll narrow this down a bit later in the process. But for now, I want you to go on a pinning frenzy. Search for things like clean website design or high-end branding or timeless font pairings or coastal color palettes.

I have a few curated boards just for inspiration on my Pinterest profile if you need a jumping-off point. Click here to jump over to my Pinterest profile for inspiration. Again, pin everything that speaks to you at this phase.

Step 3 :: Organize your Pins with sections.

Create four subsections inside your board titled: Colors, Fonts, Logos, Websites. Then in each of these sections, move your favorites from the main section of your board. Only move the pins into these sections you love and are 10 out of 10s. Any pins that don’t make the cut, delete them from your board.

Step 4 :: Utilize Pinterest’s More Ideas feature.

Open each section and click More ideas at the top of each of your board sections to find personalized recommendations inspired by the pins you’ve already saved. This will curate any new ideas or inspiration you might have missed in your first search.

Step 5 :: Clean it up and narrow it down.

Okay, let’s say you’ve got about 50-100 pins total for inspiration for your new interior design website, now it’s time to clean it up. During this step, you’ll revisit each section and remove your least favorite pins. You’ll want to get each section narrowed down to just 5-10 pins.

After going through this process you should have a clear direction for the style and vibe of your new brand and website. If you’d like to explore working together on a new brand and website design project for your business, click here to get in touch.

Katie O'Brien

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