It’s important to always keep your plugins updated on your WordPress website. Watch the video above for a short tutorial or follow the directions below.

To update your WordPress plugins, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Perform a backup of your site before making any updates – learn how here.
  3. Click Plugins
  4. Under the outdated plugin click the View version details link to see what the update includes
  5. Go back to the Plugins screen and click Update Now
  6. Wait until the screen says the plugin has been updated successfully
  7. Test your site by clicking on different pages and links to verify everything is working as it should

Sometimes when you make updates to your plugins, things break.

Here’s when that UpdraftPlus backup we ran earlier comes in handy.

Jump over to your backups and click the Restore button next to the backup you just ran.

Then head on over to the plugin developer’s website or Facebook group to check for any notices of the recent plugin release breaking sites or any noted conflicts the update might have with other plugins.

If you don’t see any notices, contact their support and let them know what issues you experienced. It may be an unknown issue they’ll need to fix. They’ll be able to provide you with the necessary support.

When updating your WordPress plugins, you’ll want to remember:

  • Update plugins regularly to keep your site safe, secure and running as it should.
  • Update plugins one at a time. That way if your site crashes you’ll know which plugin caused the issue.
  • Always have a recent backup of your site PRIOR to making any plugin updates. If you’re not using UpdraftPlus, be sure to have a reliable tool for your backups that allows you to easily restore your site if any issues arise.

Updating plugins should be one of your monthly routines for properly maintaining your WordPress website. NOT updating your plugins could make your site vulnerable to hackers as well as cause major performance issues.


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