How to Update a Plugin in WordPress

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It’s important to always keep your plugins updated on your WordPress website. Watch the video above for a short tutorial or follow the directions below:

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click Plugins
  • Under the outdated plugin click the View version details link to see what the update includes

Before making any updates be sure you have a current backup of your entire site. Click here to learn how to back up your site.

  • Once the Backup is complete, go back to your Plugins and click Update Now
  • Wait until the screen says the plugin has been updated successfully.
  • Test your site, click different pages and links verifying everything is still working as it should.

What if something breaks?

Restore to a recent backup and then check out the plugin developer’s website for any notices of the plugin breaking or conflicts the update might have with other plugins.

You could also always jump into your favorite Facebook group to ask around if anyone has experienced the same issue with updating that plugin and what their fix was.

Top 3 Tips to Remember When Making Updates:

  1. Update plugins regularly to keep your site safe and secure. And running as it should.
  2. Update plugins one at a time. That way if your site crashes you’ll know what caused it to crash.
  3. Always have a recent backup of your site PRIOR to making any plugin updates.
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