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How to Easily Add Custom Fonts to your WordPress Website


Most WordPress themes come with set font options. If you’re lucky, your theme will allow you to choose from the Google Fonts library.

But what if your brand’s font isn’t in the Google Library?

You’ll want to make sure your site stays consistent with your branding and your brand font is available to use.

To easily add a custom font to your library, without any coding, I recommend using the Use Any Font plugin.

It’s free to download and to start using, there’s a small one-time fee to obtain your API key.

Follow these steps to get started with Use Any Font plugin:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for “Use Any Font” in the search field on the top right of your screen. (Or click here to go directly to the WordPress plugin library to download.)
  4. Click Install Now and then Activate
  5. Once installed, visit their website ( to obtain your API key for the plugin
  6. Then go back to your WordPress dashboard and click Use Any Font in your sidebar
  7. Enter your new API key
  8. Upload the .ttf or .otf font file from your computer
  9. Title the font + click Upload

Once it’s uploaded you’ll be able to select your custom brand font from the fonts drop-down in the text editor while editing a page or post on your site.

To simplify things even further, you can also assign your font(s) to specific font tags across your site. So for instance, you can assign it to your Headings and all your headings now will adopt this new font across your website.

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