After you decide on a lead magnet for your website, the next step is to create it. I like to separate out the creation and the design. When you’re creating your lead magnet you want to focus on the content and value provided. Once that’s well established you’re ready to move on to the design.

This tutorial is going to walk you through how to design a lead magnet that converts.

While there are many lead magnet options to choose from, for this example I’m going to walk you through how to design a PDF lead magnet.

Step 1: Create your lead magnet in Google Docs.

Once you have your idea established, now it’s time to create it. Remember, we’re not focusing on the design or the way it looks. Simply get the content out of your brain.

Step 2: Clean up your content.

Now you’ll want to go back through the content you’ve created from the previous step and start refining. Proof-read and structure your content in an easy to digest format.

You’ll also want to start brainstorming the layout and design of your content in this phase. 

Step 3: Create an introduction to your lead magnet.

Your introduction page should come before the bulk of your content on your lead magnet. For my example, I’m creating a checklist. But I want my new subscribers to know why I’ve created this resource and why I’m qualified to speak on this topic.

It’s important to make an emotional connection with your subscribers. What was the pain point that caused them to signup for this lead magnet in the first place? Make sure you address that here and let them know they’re heard and understood.

While your introduction page also allows you to introduce yourself, it should simultaneously position you as the expert in your field and the topic of your lead magnet.

Step 4: Create the copy for your call to action page.

I like to refer to this as the “Now what?” page. After your new subscribers go through the content you’ve provided… what should they do next? This last page should close the loop and give them direction on what to do next. Some ideas here could be to encourage them to make a purchase, book a consult call, reply to a specific question, etc.

Step 5: Create a cover page.

Even though the cover page of your lead magnet will be the first thing your new subscribers see, I like to create this after the previous steps have been completed. After working through the content, introduction, and closing page it usually gives me more clarity on what I want to actually title my lead magnet.

Keep in mind this title will be used on your landing page, subscribe forms, and all throughout social media. So you want to keep it clear and concise.

At this point, you’ll want to go back through everything you’ve created and proofread. Once it’s refined and polished, you’ll move onto the design.

screenshot of canva templates for lead magnets

Step 6: Choose a template for your lead magnet in Canva.

Canva has hundreds of templates already created that are perfect for lead magnets. I like to use a template for inspiration and then make it my own with my own brand fonts, colors, and images.

Take some time to browse through Canva’s template library and choose one that resonates with you and your brand.

Step 7: Customize the template according to your brand style.

If you’re new to Canva, you’ll want to take some time to gather your font names and color codes. You’ll need them as you’re working through the rest of the design. 

Select sections of text and change the font to your brand font. Then select the various shapes and elements and swap in your brand colors. Lastly, select the photos and swap in photos that are relevant to your brand and lead magnet topic.

Step 8: Copy and paste your lead magnet content you’ve already created in steps 1-5.

Go back to your Google Doc and begin copying and pasting the content into your Canva design. Keeping with the same formula you’ve already created, start with the title page, move to the introduction page, add your content, and then close with a call-to-action on the last page.

On your introduction page be sure to include a headshot of yourself! Your new subscribers will want to see the person providing them with this content.

Once you’re done, be sure to proofread your content and make sure your design is cohesive.

how to design a lead magnet in canva screenshot

The biggest design mistake I see with lead magnets is forcing too much content onto one page.

Don’t be afraid to invite in some space to your design and let the words breathe.

When everything is complete simply click the Download button and choose PDF from the file type dropdown. After it downloads you’re ready to hook it up to your email marketing service provider.

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