How to Create an Autoresponder in ConvertKit to Welcome New Email Subscribers

Today I want to walk you through what to do with new email subscribers after they download your lead magnet and join your email list. This tutorial will show you how to create an autoresponder in ConvertKit to welcome those new subscribers.

If you’ve been on ConvertKit’s Free Plan for a while now, you’ll need to upgrade to their paid plan in order to follow along in your account. ConvertKit’s Free Plan gives you access to landing pages, subscribe forms, email broadcasts, and more but their automation and email sequences are a paid features.

Once you’ve upgraded your account and have drafted the copy you’ll be using for your nurture sequence you’re ready to roll:

Prerequisites to consider:

Create your subscribe form

Design an opt-in offer incentive

Deliver your lead magnet

Write the copy for your nurture sequence

Then, when you’re ready proceed with the following steps to set up your new automation in ConvertKit.

  • Go to Automations in your ConvertKit account.
  • Once you’re under Automations, click New Automation.
  • Click Create Automation
  • Choose the first trigger. For this example, we’ll be using “Join a form” as the first trigger.
  • Click the + icon and select your next Action. I’d recommend tagging them with the lead magnet they just subscribed to.
  • Click the + icon and select your next Action, Email Sequence, and title accordingly.
Desk and chair ready for a woman to create an autoresponder in ConvertKit

Once your automation has been created you’ll want to copy and paste your welcome series copy into ConvertKit and configure the settings.

  • Next, set your When to send setting.
  • Next, toggle on Publish.
  • Next, preview your new email in both your browser and via email. Test all links.
  • Next, click + Add Email and repeat this process until all of your emails have been added.

And then, once all of the copy has been pasted into your sequence go back to your Automation and toggle the automation from Paused to Live on the top right of your screen.



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