How to Use Beaver Builder to Create a Sales Page on Your Website

A common misconception in the world of online entrepreneurs is you can’t create beautiful, easy-to-use sales pages right within your website. Many believe you need an outside program such as LeadPages, Clickfunnels or the like.

But that’s not always the case. I don’t have anything against these programs, I just prefer to keep things simple.

I build all of my sales pages right within my WordPress website using a simple (+free) plugin.

Today I’m going to share with you the exact steps I take when building a new sales page in WordPress.

Step 1: Determine the #1 goal of your sales page.

Before we get into the DIY tutorials, you’ll want to make sure you identify one call to action on your sales page. A sales page should have just one call to action and all copy and text should be leading visitors to take that action.

Step 2: Gather your copy + images.

I always recommend hiring a professional copywriter because they’re pros. But regardless if you DIY or hire out the copy, it should entice your visitors to stay on the page as long as possible and leave them taking action.

Images should be professional, on-brand and unique. In this step, you’ll want to consider the language you’ll be using for your call to action steps, too. Examples could be: Enroll for free!, Buy Now – Just $97, Get on the list!, etc.

Step 3: Prepare your call-to-action sequences

Many people forget about this step or push it to the end, but it’s important to set up the appropriate behind-the-scene technology before going live. Here you’ll want to think in terms of notification emails, thank you pages, downloads, confirmation screens, etc.

If they’re signing up for a course, is the course created and welcome emails set up? If they’re signing up for your list, is your nurture sequence ready to go? If you’re offering a freebie, is the freebie already synced up to your list and set up to automatically be delivered? If you’re selling something, is the shipping (or delivery methods) already set up?

All of these details should be ironed out BEFORE you create your sales page and hit Publish.

Step 4: Install the Beaver Builder plugin.

If you’re a past client you should already have access to these tools and can skip to the next step.

But if you don’t already have it installed, download the Beaver Builder Lite (or Pro) plugin and install it on your WordPress website. This will give you the simplicity of the drag and drop page builder to build your page. Click here to download.

I personally use the Pro version for myself and all of my clients. The main difference is the diversity of modules you’ll have access to upon designing your page. If you’re not sure, go with the Lite and then upgrade if need be.

I also use two additional plugins that grant me even more functionality when designing. These are also optional but might have some features you find useful:

Step 5: Add a new page + begin designing.

  1. Pages > Add New
  2. Enter page title
  3. Under Page Attributes > Template: No Header/Footer
  4. Set Featured Image
  5. Click Page Builder
  6. Design your page
  7. Click Done + Publish

Please note, I’m an affiliate for the tools recommended which means I get a small financial reward if you choose to sign up via my link. With that said, I only share or recommend those I fully trust in providing the best of the best.


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