How to Craft a Nurture Sequence that Gets Subscribers to Take Action

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Creating a nurture sequence for my email subscribers has been on my to-do list for several months. I kept putting it off because I couldn’t figure out the exact formula to use while crafting my emails.

But I decided this was the week I was going to get this done.

I scoured the internet and my favorite Facebook groups for the magic formula for crafting a nurture sequence and didn’t come up with much. I found a few copywriters and fellow web designers had some good resources, but they just weren’t the right fit for me.

I write all my own copy so it felt inauthentic using a template or script. So I closed all my browser tabs and looked within to craft the perfect nurture sequence for my ideal clients.

I honed in on the way my ideal client is feeling when they’re about to sign up for my list.

I thought about what they want, how they’re feeling, how they want to feel and how can I connect with them on a deeper level.

After getting quiet and asking myself those questions, I came up with the following formula.

This is not a copy + paste template but it is a free-flowing formula I found that works best for my business and invites my subscribers to take immediate action.

Take a look below and begin brainstorming your own nurture sequence:

Email 1: The “Download + What to Expect” Email

Scheduled to send immediately after they confirm opting into my list. I briefly remind them who I am, what I do and why I do it. I share the link again to the free download they received upon signing up. And I shared what they can expect moving forward.

Moving forward they’ll begin to receive my monthly updates but they’re also going to get a few more getting-to-know-you emails, so I’m super transparent at what’s to come.

I also invite them to share with me who they are, what they do and their current feeling around websites and technology. It’s always a great idea to invite interaction and a conversation in each email.

Email 2: The “Here’s My Story + Deeper Connection” Email

Scheduled to send one day after the previous email arrives. This email is where I share the story behind my brand and my business. I share how I got started, why I’m passionate about my work and where I’m at today in both life and business.

I also invite them to share their story with me. Another invitation for interaction and relationship building.

Email 3: The “Helpful” Email

Scheduled to send two days after the previous email arrives. This email’s only objective is to be helpful. Most of my new subscribers are contemplating a new web design and most are curious (and some confused) as to what they need to get together prior to diving in. So this email gives them the most simplistic look at what you need to have ready prior to diving into a new web design. And this is regardless if they’re DIYing or planning on hiring a pro.

I simply want to be helpful to them here. No sales. No hidden agenda. Just providing value.

Email 4: The “Surprise” Email

Scheduled to send one day after the previous email is sent, this email provides value but is a bit of a surprise. An against the grain… might not be expecting what’s shared type of email. For me, I share the number one thing that can make or break anyone’s website. Then I provide value on tips on how to not make this same mistake.

Email 5: The “Invitation + What to Expect” Email

Lastly, this email is sent one day prior to the last. This email is short and sweet and invites them to take action. By this point, we know each other a bit more and I want to invite them to take the next steps. For me, I share a bit about how it would feel working together and invite them to an Intro Talk.

And that’s it!

Within just a few hours of starting this workflow, I had THREE new subscribers take action on the very first email sent. That’s three subscribers that would have been sitting stagnant on my list for a month until my next ‘update’ if I hadn’t set up this nurture sequence.

Nurture sequences really do work. They authentically create deeper, more personal relationships with people wanting to be connected with you.

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