Using your website’s blog to share information with your audience is an excellent way to provide value, build relationships, and boost your SEO. Today I’m going to walk you through how to add a new blog post to your WordPress website.

Most would think adding a new blog post is as simple as writing the content and clicking publish. But there’s a bit more to it.

A fair amount of my blog posts are a combination of videos and text. So I typically start by recording the video first. I then edit it appropriately and publish it on YouTube.

Then once the video is uploading to YouTube I jump on over to WordPress and create the rest of my blog post following these steps:

1 | Log into your WordPress dashboard

Then navigate to the left-hand side and click Posts. Once that page loads, click Add New. If you’re using a page builder, disable the page builder by clicking the Use Standard Editor Button

2 | Add your copy and title your blog post

Paste your copy into the body of your post and double-check the title. Doublecheck the permalink is what you prefer.

3 | Make your copy scannable

Go through your text and pull out relevant pieces and make them Headings. Mark them as H2 and then go from there. This helps visitors (and Google) easily scan your content before deciding to read it.

4 | Set the category for your blog post

Choose just one (at most two) categories for each post. Categories are used in WordPress to group similar content. It also helps organize your content and let Google know what your site is about.

5 | Create tags for your blog post

Tags are going to be more descriptive than categories. You’ll also want to add several vs just one or two. This further helps Google know what your blog post is about.

6 | Set a featured image

A featured image is paired next to your blog post link on social media sites and on your main blog page. It’s best to keep these consistent and on-brand. is a great place to find images for your blog post.

Need to know where to find great stock images for your website? Click here.

7 | Publish your blog post (or schedule)

Clicking the publish button publishes your blog post immediately. Setting a schedule for the post will automatically publish your post on the chosen date.

That’s it! Adding regular consistent content on your blog is not only great for your SEO but for providing value to your audience, too.


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