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How I Use Asana to Collaborate with Design Clients

If I had to choose, Asana would be my absolute favorite tool I use in my business.

In the simplest terms, Asana is a virtual to-do list I share with clients for each new project. However, it really is so much more than that. It simplifies communication, keeps files organized and ensures the project stays on track.

I started building websites for clients in 2016 and quickly realized email communication alone wouldn’t suffice. A fellow designer recommended Asana and I’ve been with them since. I’ll admit I tested a few other project management systems but nothing has come close to Asana.

Any tool I use in my business has to simplify my life in one way or another. Asana does just that for both me and my clients. It also:

  1. keeps the project organized by clearly outlining every step of the project.
  2. ensures everyone is on the same page at all times.
  3. keeps the lines of communication open (+ organized).
  4. prevents delays with the schedule clearly outlined via Asana’s due dates and email reminders.

Today I wanted to provide you with a simple introduction to Asana and a quick overview of how I use it to collaborate with clients.

Simple Overview of Asana

Do you use Asana in your business? Questions or comments on any of the above? Pop them below!

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