How I Use Asana to Collaborate with my Brand + Website Design Clients

Asana is a project management system that allows me to stay organized and connected with design projects. This tool is just one of the tools I use to flawlessly execute my 30-day brand and website design process for interior designers.

If you’re like me, you prioritize simplicity and efficiency. Asana helps me do just that in more ways than one.

Asana is a virtual to-list I use to stay on schedule while effortlessly communicating and collaborating with my brand and website design clients during their project window.

How I Use Asana to Collaborate with my Brand + Website Design Clients

Today, I wanted to give you an inside peek at what this looks like for me and my business.

Of course, it all starts when a new client submits their proposal, signs the agreement, and submits their deposit via my streamlined Dubsado onboarding process.

Then, inside Asana, I start with a custom project template created around my own unique process. Once customized to their project, I’ll invite the new client to collaborate.

Inside their Asana project, they’ll find everything related to their project alongside the due dates for every upcoming task, including their prep work, start date, and launch. They love always knowing exactly what to expect when.

How I use Asana as a website designer

Below is a peek at the Asana project template I’ve created around my unique brand and website design process:

Asana Website Design Project - How I Use Asana to Collaborate with my Brand + Website Design Clients

The first three tasks outline the prep phase of my client’s project.

Inside the “Welcome! Start Here” task they’ll find a brief tutorial video I recorded introducing them to Asana and how we’ll be using it to collaborate on their project.

Then, they’ll be directed to begin working on their “5-Part Brand Assignment” task. This is where they’ll share more details on their desired brand style and vibe, business goals, ideal client, and more. This 5-Part Brand Assignment also walks them through submitting their brand photography, website copy, and more. Here’s a peek inside the brand assignments task:

Asana Website Design Project - How I Use Asana to Collaborate with my Brand + Website Design Clients

The last step during their prep phase is to schedule their Website Strategy Session. During this call, we’ll discuss any areas they might be feeling stuck on within their brand assignments as well as get clear on their website goals, outline the pages of their website and discuss the visual direction of the project.

By the time my client’s start date rolls around, they’ve done all the hard work, so now it’s time for them to sit back and let the design come together.

Just one week after their start date they’ll receive their homepage design mockup and new brand design in full display. Then, we’ll follow that with two rounds of refinements (if needed).

We keep moving down the list in Asana, always on schedule guided by the task due dates.

Looking back at all the tools I’ve used to simplify and streamline life and business, Asana is one I truly can’t imagine my life without. Countless clients have commented on how streamlined and effortless this one tool and process made their experience.

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As a seasoned brand and website designer, Katie O'Brien strives to bring simplicity to business growth and peace of mind to daily life. Specializing in timeless brands and impactful websites, she works with interior design and service-led businesses elevating their digital homes with poise and personality.

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