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Getting Started with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a theme framework and plugin that allows you to build, edit and customize your website content on the front end of your website.

While there are many great page builders out there, Beaver Builder is my favorite. It’s simple enough, everyone can use it… yet advanced enough to satisfy the needs of many successful (and highly skilled) website designers and developers.

Just a few short months into starting this business I made the executive decision to build all my sites on the Beaver Builder framework. I wanted something I could fully customize during the design and development process but something that was also simple enough and user-friendly for my clients to manage on their own if they chose to do so.

My clients continue to be amazed at how much my suite of tools used to build their websites simplifies the world of WordPress for them.

If you already have Beaver Builder installed, here are the steps you’d take to edit a page using Beaver Builder:

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Click Pages on the left-hand side
  • Hover over the desired page and click Beaver Builder
  • Click the + button on the top right of your screen
  • Drag and drop Modules or Rows in their desire place
  • Customize as desired

Modules consist of the basics such as text editors and photos but also have more advanced options such as subscribe forms, content sliders and maps.

When you add two additional plugins to your Beaver Builder website, PowerPack and Ultimate Add-ons, your module options increase greatly. Some of the advanced module options you’ll see with these plugins would be logo carousels, content grids, pop-up boxes, contact forms styler, and more.

Beaver Builder also has an add-on called Beaver Themer that takes things to the next level.

Beaver Themer allows you to create custom theme parts and place them in very specific locations on your site. 

Some common theme layouts I find myself regularly building for clients are:

  • Navigation menu
  • Footer
  • Opt-in bars
  • Pop-up forms
  • Single blog post layouts
  • Blog Archives

The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, if all of that isn’t enough to fall in love with Beaver Builder… their community of users and support team take it over the top. While they have a responsive support team their Facebook group is filled with kind and helpful users eager to help one another.

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you use my links to signup for an account I may earn a small commission. Please know I only recommend tools I’ve personally used (& loved) in my own business.

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