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How to Edit a Page on your WordPress Website with Beaver Builder

This tutorial will walk you through how to easily and quickly update a page on your WordPress website using the Beaver Builder page builder.

There are two ways to open the Page Builder for the desired page. You first need to log in to your WordPress website then:

1) Go to the page itself and in the top Toolbar click Page Builder


2) Go to your dashboard > click Pages > click the desired page > click the Launch Page Builder button

Once the Page Builder opens, you will see the page as it will be displayed to your website visitors. From here you’ll simply hover over the row, column or content module and click.

Each content module will have its own set of properties you can tweak to your liking. Once updated, you’ll click Save.

To publish the changes, click Done + Publish Changes.

To save the changes to come back to at a later date, click Done + Save Draft.

To discard the changes made, click Done + Discard.

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