How to Edit a Page on your WordPress Website with the Beaver Builder Page Builder

It should be no surprise by now that I’m a huge fan of Beaver Builder. And when you’re just getting started, whether, with a brand new website or just new to Beaver Builder, you’ll be spending a lot of time under your Pages.

This video tutorial will walk you through how to easily and quickly edit or update at a page on your WordPress website when you are using the Beaver Builder page builder.

There are two main ways you’ll likely find yourself accessing the Page Builder for your pages:

  1. Under your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Pages
  3. Click “Edit” under the desired page and then click the Launch Page Builder button
    • A shortcut here would be to hover over the title of the desired page and click the “Beaver Builder” link (instead of Edit) to go straight to the page builder

The second way, which is another sort of shortcut is to access the page builder via the toolbar.

You’ll need to be logged into your WordPress dashboard and have the toolbar enabled for your user profile.

  1. You’d visit the desired page on the front end (so for my About page, I’d go to
  2. Click the Beaver Builder link in the toolbar at the top of your browser window

Once you access the desired page and open the Page Builder, you’ll be able to see the page as it is seen to the public. From there you’ll add new modules or simply click on the elements you’d like to update and adjust the module settings.

Each content module will have its own set of properties you can tweak to your liking. Once updated, you’ll simply click Save.

To immediately publish the changes live, click Done + Publish Changes.

To save the changes to come back to at a later date without changing the public page, click Done + Save Draft.

To discard all of the changes made, click Done + Discard.


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