How to Create a Sales Page (without Leadpages)

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A common misconception in the world of online entrepreneurs is you have to have Leadpages to build beautiful, easy-to-use sales pages.

But that’s not the case. I don’t have anything against Leadpages, they’re just not my favorite when it comes to building sales pages.

I use the Beaver Builder plugin and build all my sales pages right within my WordPress website.

Today I’m sharing with you the exact steps I take when building a new sales page in WordPress.

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I’ve summed up the sales-page-creation process in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Determine the #1 goal of your sales page

A landing page and/or sales pages should have one call to action and all copy and text should be leading visitors to take that action.

Step 2: Gather copy, images and call to action text

I always recommend hiring a professional copywriter because they’re pros at sales pages. But regardless if you DIY or hire out the copy should entice your visitors to stay on the page and take action.

Images should be professional, on-brand and unique. In this step you’ll want to consider the language you’ll be using for your call to action steps, too. Examples could be:

Enroll for free!

Buy Now – Just $97

Get on the list!

Step 3: Prepare your call-to-action sequences

Set up the technology appropriately for what happens after your visitors take action. Set up notification emails, thank you pages, confirmation screens, etc.

Step 4: Install Beaver Builder plugin

Download the Beaver Builder Lite (or Pro) plugin and install it to your WordPress website. This will give you the simplicity of the drag and drop page builder to build your page.

Step 5: Add a new page + design accordingly 😉

Add a new page to your website, select No Header/Footer template and upload a Featured Image. From there open the Page Builder and start building! Click here to enroll in the free course that will walk you through this step in more detail.

Step 5.5: Celebrate & Share!

Celebrate your beautiful new site and share with your audience!

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Please note, I’m an affiliate for the tools recommended which means I get a small financial reward if you choose to sign up via my link. With that said, I only share or recommend those I fully trust in providing the best of the best.

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