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Design Days

Have a small design project you just want done? Or maybe a punch list of design items you need crossed off your list?

You can now book me for the day (or half) for smaller, one-time design support services. Each month I reserve a select number of days for past clients who need to book my services for the day.

Design Days are perfect for when you need:

  • Website Updates
  • Sales Page Design
  • Blog Page Design / Add on
  • Portfolio Page Design / Add on
  • Portfolio Additions
  • Simple Brand Design
  • Canva Graphics or Templates
  • WordPress Cleanup
  • Website & Digital Strategy
  • Punch List of Design Work

Here's How It Works:

Choose your desired day — Once you select your day and complete the checkout that date will be reserved just for you and your design day tasks.

Prioritize your list — If you have multiple tasks on your list, be sure to share their priority with me prior to your design day.

Share applicable documents — All images, copy, design direction that is needed to complete your design day are due 2 business days prior to your chosen day.

★ Design Day! ★ — On your design day, I'll get to work at the scheduled time. Then I'll email you once your tasks are complete. It's that simple!

Send your refinements requests. — After reviewing the completed work, if you'd like to see any small tweaks made simply send me an email within 7 days.

I recommend clients have their inbox open during their design day to address any questions quickly. That said, it really depends on the tasks at hand and how involved you typically like to be in the process.

If you find yourself more hands-off with my design work, I'd say you're safe to not block this time off on your calendar.

However, if you find yourself being more hands-on with my design work or having very specific refinement requests, you might want to stick around your inbox to make the most of this time.

Once I send you the finished design work if you'd like to see slight changes, you have the freedom to email me within 7 days with such requests. These requests must not exceed one hour of work.

Before we get started, I’ll need to know exactly what you want my help with. I cannot guarantee that we will accomplish every single thing in one day, but if I have a detailed list ahead of time, with detailed priorities, I can let you know what a realistic expectation is.

If a single day isn't sufficient you may be asked to book another day (or half) to complete the task(s).