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An Overview of Marie Forleo’s B-School

Always wanted to peek inside Marie Forleo’s B-School program? This article will walk you through each B-School module as well as the stellar bonuses offered by Marie and her team.

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Before B-School even starts, you have access to some foundation training.

Start the Right Business is the first bonus training that’s available immediately upon entering the course portal. This bonus training grants you the clarity you need to move forward with the right (for you!) business.

When I went through B-School in 2016 for the first time, this was monumental for me. I was just a few months into launching this website design business so working through this training confirmed and validated this business was both smart and viable for the lifestyle I desired.

The Follow-Through Formula is another bonus training that’s available as soon as you enroll. For entrepreneurs who are wearing several hats (aren’t we all?!) and have many ideas floating around, this training will help develop strategies to get through them all. No more half-done to-do lists or focusing on the unimportant.

When I first enrolled, I was tempted to skip these trainings… kind of like the Introduction of a book. But B-School was a hefty investment for me at the time so I wanted to squeeze every ounce of value out of it. After completing these two bonus trainings I really was set up for success.

Read more about my personal B-School story here.

They provided simple and effective strategies to ensure I was productive throughout the entire B-School program.

While many B-Schoolers go through the program at their own pace, I wanted to fully complete the course on schedule. I was staying home with a toddler + baby at the time, so it certainly wasn’t easy but using the strategies I learned in these bonus trainings helped me start and finish strong.

Side note: I’ve know a lot of B-Schoolers like to slow down and go at their own pace. After all, you have lifetime access. So if you’re taking things a bit slower, that’s okay. The important thing to follow through on your goals, schedules, and timelines. 

An Overview of Marie Forleo’s B-School - Module Trainings + Topics

Module 1 is all about laying a strong, strategic foundation… that’s profitable.

In the beginning, this module helped me lay a strong foundation while getting crystal clear on my ideal client. This was likely the heaviest module for me. It took a lot of brainpower, time, and attention. But was well worth it in the end.

Not to mention a lot of what I learned in this module has been carried over into my brand + website design process to support my clients in creating smart + strategic websites that fully support their business.

Module 2 is all about websites.

Clearly, Module 2 is my favorite! I love how B-School stressed the importance of a strategic, purposeful website that’s built to serve you 24/7. A website that effortlessly supports the foundation you created in Module 1.

Marie breaks this module down so simply. She covers how to choose the right platform for your business, how to work with professionals, how to get started if you’re DIYing, how to create a website that converts and more.

In the beginning, I had an existing website before joining B-School but it was basic. And screamed beginner. This module helped create a more elevated and streamlined web presence, as well as refine my craft as a website designer myself.

With lifetime access, I love going back through this module checking for new content and insights from Marie + the B-School team.

Module 3 is all about communicating with your audience through content marketing.

If you know Marie, you know she’s an absolute pro at content marketing. During this module, you’ll develop a customized content marketing plan for months to come. You’ll learn how to stay consistent with your communication and uncover the strategy behind content marketing.

Marie simplifies this seemingly complicated topic that is an absolute must nowadays when running an online business to attract the right traffic at the right times to convert the right clients, for you.

In my first year of Marie Forleo’s B-School, I already knew a lot about content marketing and was following some of the top experts in the industry at that time. However, I never heard it explained so simply and broken down so easily as the way Marie does in this module.

Today, I regularly refer back to this module when drafting up a new content marketing strategy or content calendar.

Module 4 walks you through strategic list building.

Module 4 focuses on nurturing and growing your email list. Not putting a focus on your list is actually one of the top mistakes I see entrepreneurs making with their websites.

Email marketing is still the most profitable marketing strategy, regardless of your industry.

This module walks you through how to be smart and strategic with your list growth by attracting the right audience. Marie not only explains why list building is vital to any business but walks you through tried and true methods for growing your list. Then she clearly explains what to do with that list once you’ve got it.

In my first year of B-School, I had a couple hundred on my email list already and thought I was doing a pretty good job. But this module made me think of email marketing in a whole new light. Today, I have a strong email list and nurture sequence in place thanks to B-School’s strategies.

Module 5 dives deep into your products and/or services offerings.

Module 5 is where I began to deeply understand what my clients really want and need and then how to deliver that to them. Marie discusses strategies on proper positioning, sales, pricing, delivery of products and services, and more during this module. 

Regardless of whether you’re offering products (digital or physical) or services, this module will help you maximize your sales without ever feeling like you’re actually selling.

In my first year through the B-School program, this was GOLDEN. So many other service providers were building websites… but what made me different? What made any and all competition completely irrelevant? That was uncovered and discovered in this module. Throughout the years, I’ve often referred back to the content in this module exploring how I can provide an even higher level of service to my existing clients and continue to build deep relationships with those I work with.

The final module of B-School shares timeless marketing strategies to grow your business with ease.

Module 6 explains the importance of sales and marketing but in a non-sleazy way. You’ll learn timeless strategies on how to authentically and organically market your business in today’s world. Marie also covers the basics of copywriting as well as smart pricing strategies for your offerings.

When first going through this module, I was able to reframe a lot of limiting beliefs I had about sales. It helped me to further understand the psychology behind decision-making and how that affects potential clients moving forward with my services.

An Overview of Marie Forleo’s B-School Bonus Trainings Mentor Coaches

On top of each module there are also additional bonus trainings released to compliment the current week’s topic.

Aside from the 6 core modules of B-School, they include the following as bonus trainings:

  • Timeless Social Media Strategies That Work
  • How to Get Fantastic Testimonials
  • SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site
  • How to Grow from 6 to 7 Figures
  • Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity
  • PR Strategies to Skyrocket Your Visibility
  • How to Grow Your List at Hyper Speed
  • All About Opt-ins
  • Smart Marketing for Product-Based Businesses
  • Set Up Your Metrics + Analytics
  • Get Started with WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify

And then, if that’s not enough, they overdeliver with their support and community:

  • You’ll get dedicated B-School mentor coaches guiding you through their area of expertise
  • Live comments beneath each training video… that are actually monitored and responded to.
  • Live office hours with Marie herself
  • The supportive community mentioned earlier on that is JUST for B-School students (+alumni thereafter).
  • The best support team I’ve ever seen that’s always there.

If you’re curious about B-School and would like to join alongside me, click here to learn more. You’ll receive my one-on-one + group coaching bonuses alongside everything mentioned above.

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