Mini-Audits to Declutter Your Website + Polish Your Digital Presence

These mini-audits will help simplify your website and ensure your website visitors stick around longer… and as a result, take purposeful action.

Mini-Audit Checklist: Your Strategy

  • Call-to-actions — Are you guiding your visitors to take action? Does your overall website serve your main call-to-action goal? Does each page serve its own call-to-action goal?
  • Connecting — Is it easy to contact you? Is it easy for visitors to opt into your email list to stay connected?
  • Copy — Is your web copy precise and clear? Have you kept things simple and to the point?

Mini-Audit Checklist: Your Design

  • Fonts — Are your fonts clean and clear? Are they easy to read? Is the size large (or small) enough? Are you keeping it simple with just 1-2 styles?
  • Images — Are all of your images consistent? Do they all blend well with one another? If you’re using stock photos, are you customizing them in some way?
  • Headshots & Images of Self — Are your headshots up to date and look like the real you? Are they professional but still with a personality?
  • Colors — Are the colors your using ‘on’ brand? Are they appropriately balanced? Do they make your visitors feel the way you’re intending?
  • White Space — Does your site use enough white space?
  • Consistency — Is there consistency in the styling of one page to another? For example, are all of your blog posts laid out in a similar manner? If someone visits your social media profiles, will it feel consistent with your website?

Mini-Audit Checklist: User Experience

  • Navigation Menu — Are you keeping the page titles simple? Could a 3rd grader easily get to where they needed to go on your site?
  • Links — Are all your buttons and links working? Are all links that lead away from your site opening up in a new tab?
  • Speed — Is your site loading quickly on all browsers? Are images loading quickly?
  • Responsiveness — Is your site mobile friendly? Is everything legible and clean on all sized browsers?
  • Getting in Touch – Is it clear how to get in touch with you? How can your visitors contact you?

Mini-Audit Checklist: Behind-the-Scenes

  • Backups — Have you been maintaining an off-site backup of your full website?
  • Updates — Have you been making the suggested updates to any tools tied to your site, i.e. plugins, databases, themes?
  • SEO — Have you been optimizing each new post and/or page added with on-brand keywords?

Bookmark this page and refer back to it annually to keep your digital home fresh, strategic and polished. I originally created these mini-audit checklists to inspire simplicity across the web but even more so hope it helps empower online entrepreneurs to take back the reins to their website.


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