How to Create a Secret Board on Pinterest and Begin Gathering Visual Inspiration for your New Brand

If you’re in the market for a new look for practically anything, Pinterest is a great place to start off for inspiration. That’s especially true when you’re after a new brand, logo or web design.

In this tutorial video I’m going to demonstrate how to create a new Pinterest board to gather your visual inspiration. I’ll also show you how to make it Secret/private to not throw off your already existing Pinterest profile vibes or for whatever other reason you’d want to keep it private.

Then, I’ll do a quick overview on how to use the best keywords to find some of the hottest designs. After that, you’ll be good to start pinning all your visual inspiration goodies.

To create your new Pinterest board you’ll follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click your Profile picture and click My profile

3. Go to your Boards

4. Click Create board

5. Title your new board

6. Toggle on the Secret option if you’d like it to remain private

7. Then, if you’re working with a designer and want to invite them to view your new board, click the gray + icon on the top right of the board

8. Enter their email address, click Invite and Done

9. Start pinning!

If you are using this board to collaborate with a professional, for each Pin it also might be a good idea to edit the description before saving it to your board. So for instance, you click Save on web design you like, in the description you might include a note that says “Love the colors and layout, not a fan of the images used.” Even if you’re DIYing, adding these notes will help you eventually circle back around to review your inspiration before pulling all the new pieces together.

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