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How I Manage My Editorial Calendar & Blog Content with CoSchedule

UPDATE – I’ve since broken up with CoSchedule & have fallen in love with a different social media scheduler. Check out this post to learn more.

I bought an annual subscription to CoSchedule a few months ago and really haven’t jumped in until just recently. I have so many blog post and video ideas I couldn’t find a means to manage it all. Plus, I really wanted to get on a regular publishing schedule, but just couldn’t find my rhythm.

Until now.

I decided to sit down the other day and sit through the CoSchedule MasterClass. Which sounds way more overwhelming and intense than it really is. These are the two that really lit a fire under of me to get things set up:

Then I went into Trello and Asana and turned all of my random ‘to-write’ and ‘to-record’ ideas into WordPress draft posts. Which add them in a nice little compartment in CoSchedule letting me know what needs to be scheduled out.

Then I went into CoSchedule and created a task list template that outlines all the tasks needed to be completed for each post I schedule. My task list template looks something like:

  • Record Video
  • Write Content
  • Create + Upload Images
  • Create Social Media Campaign
  • Add SEO Details
  • Add to Schedule + Publish

CoSchedule’s drag and drop simplicity paired with the ability to keep all of my post ideas in one location is brilliant and why I love them so much.

Take a look at the above video to get an inside peek at how I’ve been using CoSchedule lately to manage all my content.

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