5 Benefits of a Coming Soon Page for your New Interior Design Website

While my brand and website design process are just 30 days from start to launch, there is a prep phase that usually takes a couple of weeks where my clients need to gather a few items before their project starts. 

This is the perfect scenario to use a coming soon page as a placeholder before your new interior design website launches.

A coming soon is a temporary page on your website that is displayed to all visitors while your new website is being created. It serves as a placeholder until its launch date.

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There are 5 key benefits to launching a coming soon page before launching your new website:

1. It can help create brand awareness and build hype about your upcoming launch.

If someone comes to your old website when your new website is being built, they’ll have no idea you’re working hard behind the scenes to launch something great. By creating a coming soon page, you’ll be building brand awareness and let them know something new is coming. This gives them even more reason to come back when it’s ready.

2. It can help you grow your email list and generate new leads.

Aside from letting your visitors know you’re working on a new website for your interior design business, your coming soon page should be generating leads for your business. Having a simple subscribe form on your coming soon page invites them to take strategic action by joining your list. If you have a lead magnet ready for them, even better!

3. It demonstrates you’re serious about investing in your business (so they should be, too).

Consider investing tens of thousands of dollars into a business that’s not willing to invest a fraction of that into itself. You’d likely run, right? Investing in a quality brand and website designer who offers a quality service will immediately show your clients you’re just as serious about your business as they are.

4. It can help streamline new inquiries.

Another call to action you’ll want to include on your coming soon page is the direction for potential clients to inquire about working with you and your team. A simple “In the meantime, click here to discuss a new project.” will do. Or, better yet, link out to a simple lead capture form that will auto deliver your investment guide alongside a link to schedule a discovery call.

5. It can give your new website a headstart on SEO.

Achieving great SEO is an intricate dance. It’s a process. But optimizing your coming soon page with strong keywords can give you a headstart on building your ranking on Google prior to launching the full website. 

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In order for your coming soon page to be effective, it should include these key elements:

1. Short and concise copy.

Choose a short and concise attention grabber for your main line of text. Then follow it with a few short paragraphs directing them to take action and what to expect next. 

2. A subscribe form.

After your copy, you’ll want a subscribe form connected to your email marketing software. This should be your primary call to action, all invites to explore your services or your social channels should only come after they subscribe to your list.

3. Directions on how to inquire about your services.

You may have prospective clients visit your website and want to work with you before your website launches. Give them the freedom to do so! Include a short line of copy and a means to inquire about your interior design services.

4. Your launch date.

Lastly, set expectations by sharing your launch date. My clients have their launch date scheduled the moment they book their project but if you don’t have an exact date, you can use a month + year format.

Avoid these common mistakes when creating a coming soon page for your website:

  • Don’t use your social media icons too early.

One of the biggest mistakes I see on coming soon pages is the inclusion of social media icons. Having social media icons next to the action you want your visitors to take (ie subscribe to your email list or inquire about services) will distract your visitors 100% of the time. How many times have you clicked over to someone’s social media only to get distracted and never return to their website? I’m guilty of this. Keep it simple and straightforward for your visitors. Let them know the #1 to stay connected with you is via your email list.

  • Avoid having a lead capture only.

This continues on the topic above. If you only have a lead capture form or a general ‘work with me’ form on your coming soon page, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic on your new website once you launch. Many people will visit your site and want to be connected with you but not everyone will be ready to work with you. Yes, certainly give directions to those who are ready… but also give an option to those who aren’t ready yet but want to stay connected.

  • Don’t keep your coming soon page up for too long.

Last but not least, don’t keep your coming soon page up for longer than your promise. A few months is fine if needed. But if you say you’re launching your new website in September and your coming soon page is still up in December… that’s hurting more than it’s helping. A coming soon should always be a temporary page with a hard date planned on when it’s being replaced with your beautiful new brand and website design.

Need some inspiration for your new coming soon page? Here are a few website designs created with interior designers in mind:

A modern + luxurious coming soon page design with rich colors and an elegant stock image.
A modern + luxurious coming soon page design with rich colors and an elegant stock image.

A simple + refined coming soon page design with clean typography and elegant brand photography.
A simple + refined coming soon page design with clean typography and elegant brand photography.

Light Airy Neutral Modern Coming Soon Page Example - Reasons to Use a Coming Soon Page Before Launching Your New Interior Design Website
A light + modern coming soon page design using branded photography and a clean layout.

Ready for a brand and website you’re proud to show off? I’d love to chat to see how I could support you and your business. Click here to connect.

As a seasoned brand and website designer, Katie O'Brien strives to bring simplicity to business growth and peace of mind to daily life. Specializing in timeless brands and impactful websites, she works closely with interior designers elevating their digital homes with poise and personality.

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