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[Website Review] Building A Website That Magnifies Your Brand

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Modern and simplistic branding choices. The colors, branding and font selection works well as a design unit. Photo quality throughout the site was excellent. Bio is very friendly, and the written content was precise and inviting. Suggestions for Improvement: Focus on simplifying content and featuring…

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[Website Review] How To Optimize Email Pop Ups To Keep Your Viewers Attention

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Great use of pop-up to capture emails and increase client list. Target audience clearly defined which helps the viewer to know immediately if your services are for them. Your passion and relatability to your target audience is clear. Suggestions for Improvement: Optimize design of…

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[Website Review] Simple Tips To Improve Your Blog

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Great visual consistency with image selection and brand colors. Clear communication on services are provided. Inviting personal bio on sidebar. Works well for entrepreneurs focused on blogging as it increases the know, like and trust factor. Suggestions for Improvement: Consider refining the blog listing…

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[Website Review] Successful Site Navigation Through The Use Of Visual Clarity

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Website design is light, simplistic and visually modern. Header image on home page is unique, inviting and professional in quality. Testimonials are visually consistent and elegant. Photography packages are clear and easy to visually process. Suggestions for Improvement: Look into repositioning logo on main page…

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[Website Review] How to Increase Your Know, Like & Trust Factor

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Simplistic design which results in a modern feel and doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. Easy to navigate. Menu tabs are clear and concise. Branding colors are vibrant but not overpowering. Suggestions for Improvement: Optimize pop-ups so that the “free gift” is clear and enticing. Consider adding…

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[Website Review] Light vs Dark Color Schemes for Your Website

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Great personality shining throughout the site. Consistent use of brand colors across the site which results in successful visual consistency. Copy was very clear and inviting. Navigation menu is simplistic and easy to navigate services/content. Suggestions for Improvement: Consider updating the brand coloring of…

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[Website Review] How to Design Clearly to Communicate Your Services

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Love the simplicity of the site and modern feel. Font selection, icons and buttons all blend well visually, and are not overpowering. Content is displayed well, and is welcoming/easy to navigate for the viewer. Suggestions for Improvement: Add a more definitive description of the…

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[Website Review] Tips for Redesigning Your Website, Focusing on Simplicity

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Great use of business/target market description and geographical location on home page. Website content is simple, thorough and easy to navigate. Clear call to action displayed prominently on the home page gives visitors direction on how to hire for services. Suggestions for Improvement: Improve visual…

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[Website Review] Using Content Emphasis To Direct Website Viewers

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Friendly and professional personal image. Reference to total website views communicates great social credibility. Consistent use of brand colors throughout the site. Suggestions for Improvement: Increase line height and paragraph space of copy. Look at creating emphasis on certain text by bolding or increasing the size…

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[Website Review] Designing a Website with Impact & Consistency

A Website Review for What I Love & Great Takeaways: Photos, graphics and fonts are beautiful. The site is soft and inviting. Message and mission are communicated very clearly. Everything is very cohesive. This site is a great example of a minimalist design with a strong visual impact. Professional and on-brand logo. The site is very…

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[Website Review] Focusing on Simplicity For Successful Website Interaction

A WordPress Site Review for Heidi Littleton at What I Love & Great Takeaways: Colors are great. Great consistency throughout site. The Learn More section, it’s nicely structured and straight forward. Overall style of website is very cohesive & professional. On the Bio page, I loved the personal touches when providing quotes on individual character traits of…

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