Simple & Warm Website Design for Executive Coach

Krista Spence is an executive coach with over 25 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, leading global teams, building development programs, and coaching leaders.

As a new independent consultant and coach, Krista came to me struggling with the idea of designing and developing a website for her coaching and consulting business. She was still getting clear on her ideal client and overall focus. Her plate was full and wanted to focus on other parts of her business while I took the reins of her new brand and website design.

We honed in on her brand and website strategy alongside some of her core business attributes, simplicity, professionalism, classic, warmth, connection, and authenticity.

“This project helped me to think strategically about my business, my brand, my marketing, and my ideal client. The end product is beautiful. The process was clear. Katie was very responsive to each question I had. Her turnaround time is fantastic.”

— Krista Spence

Katie O'Brien

Hey there, I'm Katie!

I'm a brand designer, website developer + mama of two. I create digital presences that help interior designers simplify business growth, regain time, and bring peace of mind to everyday life. Let me show you how fun + rewarding a great brand can be.