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Behind-the-Scenes of my Brand Questionnaire + Prep Work Process

At the start of every design project, a thought-provoking brand questionnaire is completed by my clients as I guide them through the prep work process. This brand questionnaire and initial collaboration and prep work pave the way to success for their brand and website on launch day.

Similar to your interior design process, kicking things off with need-to-know information sets the direction for the entire project. This upfront time then allows me to lead you through 30 days of exceptional progress.

This article will give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the key components in my brand questionnaire and the overall prep work process if we decide to work together.

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Rather than one lengthy form, my brand questionnaire is broken into 5 parts.

This 5-part brand questionnaire walks through all the information I need in order to nail your brand and website design. This includes understanding your brand and business goals, style preferences, tech, content, and more.

Alongside completing the questionnaires, we’d also meet for a Website Strategy Session. During this call, we’ll map out the pages on your website, review your inspiration board and discuss any questions you might.

You can download my Website Project Planner for an inside peek or take a look below at the inner workings of my brand questionnaire and brand assignments:

Brand Questionniare Part 1: Brand Basics

In part one of the brand questionnaire, you’ll bring to light your brand story, mission statement, and target audience. You’ll also outline your website goals. So long as you’re clear on your business, the services you provide, and your ideal client, this first part should be a breeze. It’s intended to be completed quickly as the information comes to mind.

Here are just a few questions I ask on the brand basics questionnaire:

  • How would you describe your brand in one sentence?
  • What specific services do you provide?
  • How do most of your clients find you?
  • What are your business goals for the next year? The next 2-3 years? Long-term?
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Part 2: Style Preferences

In part two fo the questionnaire you’ll uncover your design style, gain clarity on your dream aesthetic, and create an inspiration board on Pinterest. While part one tends to be the simplest for clients to complete, part two tends to be the most fun.

Here are a few sample questions from the style preferences + brand questionnaire:

  • How do you want visitors to feel when they land on your website?
  • Are there design elements you absolutely want to be included in your logo? (colors, shapes, symbols, etc)
  • Are there any design elements from your existing website you want to keep?

During this part of the brand questionnaire, I’ll also walk you through creating an inspiration board on Pinterest that includes carefully curated color palettes, logo designs, fonts, website designs, and more.

Part 3: Website Copy

During this part of the questionnaire, you’ll share your website copy (words on your website) with me. I always ask for the website copy prior to starting to design so the website is unique to you and your brand message.

Want to make this part of the process a breeze? Invest in a website copywriter. I have several great recommendations that will help you nail your messaging and turn it into website copy that drives more traffic to your website and converts more qualified leads into dream clients. 

This part of the process is as simple as dragging and dropping your completed website copy to our shared Google folder. You’ll then check this off your list and move on to the final part of the prep work process.

Part 4: Website Images

Professional photos of both you and your work are essential to achieving an elevated brand. Here we’ll walk through how to best prepare and share those stunning website photos.

You’ll be asked to organize the photos of your work by page and project so I’ll be able to clearly optimize and add them to the website. 

If you need some help deciding the best photos to use for each page, I’ve got you covered. In this case, you’ll simply create a folder of your favorite images for me to choose from. I’ll choose the best photos to pair with your website copy as I work through your design. 

woman with bag completing brand questionnaire

Part 5: Tech + Account Access

As your website designer, I’ll need access to a few accounts. During this part of the process, I’ll walk you through exactly what I need access to for a successful launch. I also share my recommendations for my favorite tech tools.

Here are the accounts I’ll need access to:

  • Your Existing Website, if applicable
  • Your Website Host
  • Your Domain Information
  • Your Website Legal Policies Generator
  • Your Email Marketing Service Provider
  • Your Client Management System (CRM
  • Your Online Appointment Scheduler
  • Google Analytics + Google Search Console

As soon as you submit your brand assignments, I’ll begin the review process. All prep work is due one week prior to your start date. The week prior to your start date I’ll thoroughly review everything. I’ll also be in touch with any clarification I might need on your brand assignment.

Most clients can complete the prep work process in 2-4 weeks. However, it’s recommended to secure your spot on my project calendar as soon as possible. I typically book a few months in advance.

If you’re ready to dive into the brand + website design process yourself, click here to get in touch. I’d love to support you, too!

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