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Passion for simplicity, beautiful design and frustration-free websites. Explore articles below covering my design process, strategic branding, logo design, WordPress, websites + more.

My Step by Step Branding + Web Design Process

The strategic branding and design journey I currently take each client has been refined, simplified and polished over and over again to become the beautiful systematic process it is today. Today, you get a behind the scenes look at that entire process from start to finish. Let’s jump right in! Phase 1: Brand Discovery Every project starts with a kick-off call or what I like to call a Brand Discovery…

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4 Steps to a Simpler, Frustration-Free Website (that converts!)

There’s nothing more frustrating than landing on a website and feeling lost and confused. Those feelings will surely invite a quick exit from anyone’s website. I’m a firm believer that websites are meant to be simple. Clear. To the point. Websites are NOT the place to get clever, creative or fancy. But unfortunately, many business owners feel the need to express their individuality with clever copy, creative links, and fancy…

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Client Spotlight: Strategic Branding + Web Design Project for Interior Designer, Ingrid Porter

Client Spotlight: Ingrid Porter Ingrid Porter is an award-winning interior designer with over 30 years of experience in the interior design industry. Ingrid wanted her branding to better represent her sophisticated yet fun style. And she needed a website where she could strategically gather emails, effortlessly deliver lead magnets, book appointments with new clients and more. Partnering with Ingrid and her team, we designed and developed a new digital home…

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Getting Started with Beaver Builder

First off – what in the world is Beaver Builder?? Great question. Let’s start there… Beaver Builder is a theme framework and plugin that allows you to build, edit and customize your website content on the frontend of your website. While there are many great page builders out there, Beaver Builder is my favorite. It’s simple enough, everyone can use it… yet advanced enough to satisfy the needs of many…

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Why I Switched to ConvertKit (from MailChimp)

I had been MailChimp-loyal since 2011 but after some major changes, I started shopping around. MailChimp had been rolling out several new changes in efforts to become in their words, “more of an all-in-one marketing platform.” And when these changes were announced, a part of me was determined to stay. But when things started to feel clunky, I decided to start exploring ConvertKit. Ultimately, I decided to make the jump…

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Seeing the Wrong Photo When Sharing a Link on Facebook? Here’s How to Fix It

Have you ever shared a page or post from your website you’re super excited about only to find that Facebook pulls the most random (unrelated) image next to your link? Here are the steps to take to make sure all of your images match your page and posts… and what to do to fix ones that aren’t: Step 1: Update the image. Log in to your WordPress site Open Page or Post…

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How to Optimize Images You’ve Already Uploaded to Your WordPress Website

I just started on a brand new redesign for a client. Basically, her whole site is getting torn down and built back up in the best possible way! Except for her blog posts. She’s written some great articles, so we want to keep them there. Plus, since it’s a seasoned site we want to keep what every SEO she’s accumulated by keeping as many of the same pages and posts…

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Getting Started with DIY Monthly Maintenance for Your Website

 Just as you’d take your car in for its routine oil change and take yourself to the dentist for a cleaning… your website needs regular maintenance, too. This is something you can hire out to your designer or developer or something you can take care of yourself if you’re committed to remembering. Keeping your site up to date this monthly to-do list is vital for the health, security, and performance…

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Client Spotlight: Web Design for Executive Coach, Bryan Nadeau

A clean and high-end website design for professional coach, Bryan Nadeau. Bryan provides career, transition and leadership coaching for people seeking to shift their careers to a new level and needed a website that connects with his ideal clients.

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Mini-Audits to Declutter Your Website + Polish Your Digital Presence

These mini-audits will help simplify your website and ensure your website visitors stick around longer… and as a result, take purposeful action. Mini-Audit Checklist: Your Strategy Call-to-actions — Are you guiding your visitors to take action? Does your overall website serve your main call-to-action goal? Does each page serve it’s own call-to-action goal? Connecting — Is it easy to contact you? Is it easy for visitors to opt into your…

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7 Tips to Get the Best Possible Headshots for Your Website

One of the greatest investments you can make for your business is professional photography. And when I say professional I mean a professional photographer who can effortlessly capture who you are and what you represent through your photos. However, for most of my clients, before they even find a photographer, they’re dreading the process altogether. They say things like: “I don’t like so much attention on myself.” “I can’t stand…

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