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My Step-by-Step Brand and Website Design Process

My Step-by-Step Website Design Process

At the heart of every successful website design is a streamlined and efficient process. Sure the deliverable is important but...
Image of a desk workspace for blog post: Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform for Interior Designers

Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform for Interior Designers

As a website designer who has been using WordPress since 2011, I deeply appreciate the power and versatility of this...
The Most Important Pages for Your New Interior Design Website, interior designer typing

Top 5 Important Pages to Include on Your Interior Design Website

What pages should my website have? This is one of the most common questions I receive from new brand and...
woman writing in notebook for A Simple Guide to Writing Your Own Website Copy Blog Post

A Simple DIY Guide to Writing Your Own Website Copy

So you’ve decided to write your own website copy and while you’re excited you’re not quite sure where to start....

How to Plan for Your Upcoming Website Launch Announcement

Over the years many clients have asked how and when to launch their new brand and website to their audience...
website essentials for interior designers

Uncover 5 Website Essentials for Interior Designers

Stand out with these website essentials for interior designers. Learn the essentials for landing dream design projects, showcasing your aesthetic,...
How to Perform an Annual Website Review

Website Audit Checklist: How to Improve Your Website in 2023

Performing regular website audits is a proactive way of protecting one of your greatest marketing investments. Even if you’re more...

Brand Photography for Interior Designers — Is it really necessary?

Brand photography for interior designers tends to get overlooked. Do interior designers need brand photography or are your portfolio photos...

Why Professional Copywriting for Your Website is Worth the Investment

Professional copywriting for your website is the process of writing content for website pages, product pages, blog posts, and everything...
Behind the Scenes My Brand Questionnaire + Prep Work Process

Behind-the-Scenes of my Brand Questionnaire + Prep Work Process

At the start of every design project, a thought-provoking brand questionnaire is completed by my clients as I guide them...
How to Find the Best Interior Design Website Inspiration ft

How to Find the Best Interior Design Website Inspiration

When it comes to creating a new website for your design firm, one of your first steps should be curating...
How to Find the Perfect Niche for your Interior Design Business

How to Find (+ Refine) the Perfect Niche for your Business

For those who are struggling to find the perfect niche, here’s some advice. Most entrepreneurs are encouraged to support the...
See How I'm Using ConvertKit in 2021 Tour Demo

5 Ways I Use ConvertKit in my Website Design Business

I first signed up for ConvertKit back in May 2019. At the time, I was getting frustrated with the limitations...

How to Plan a Successful Personal Brand Photoshoot (+ behind the scenes of mine)

When your business is your personal brand, you'll need to know what it takes to have a successful personal brand...
8 key essentials of a successful blog post

8 Key Essentials of a Successful Blog Post

It’s well known adding a blog to your website enhances your SEO, builds rapport with prospective clients, and provides additional...
What to Know Before Creating Your First (or Next!) Online Course Featured Image

Interview with Online Course Creation Expert, Emily Walker

Emily Walker is a course creation expert. She helps fiercely creative thought leaders turn their big and brilliant ideas into...
What to Know Before Hiring a Copywriter (or Deciding to DIY)

Interview with Expert SEO Website Copywriter, Erin Ollila

Over the years I’ve found many clients are sometimes on the fence when it comes to hiring a copywriter. But...
How to Get Great Headshots for Your Website + Free Headshot Guide (1)

Interview with Professional Headshot Photographer, Aliyah Dastour

When you’re the face of your brand your headshots can make or break your website. Today I’m sitting down with...